2015 Georgia March for Life (Pro-life)

January 22, 2015 / Inspiration, Main Menu

Hello All.

This is just a brief post on a subject very near and dear to my heart and that is LIFE. This was on my Pastors’ hearts majorly since last year and the need for us a church body to represent was just as intense.

We as a church, attended for the 1st time in 2014 and it was at the  State Capital and this year it was held in an area that was more conducive for crowds and that was at Liberty Plaza. My hubby and I went the 1st year together, but because he had to go to training this year he missed it. I missed my right hand, but he, as always was in my heart.

It was unbelievable to have so many people together at once for a cause that causes one to look beyond themselves.  God is awesome to allow me to take part of something is bigger than me. I am and was proud to stand up and represent my Father in Heaven. We had police escort to take us around downtown including passing, the Underground and Georgia State.

There is no question whether or not I am attending next year and I hope you do to.

I just have to say this: No matter what you have done, Jesus Christ is able to wash you clean. No condemnation. If you want or need prayer, feel free to email me.

See pictures below from the event and for more information, please feel free to visit Georgia Right to Life.


Summary of March for Life 2015 on January 22nd

Talk with you all soon.

God Bless!!!


Freebies and Samples December 24 to January 9, 2015

Greetings All.

Thank you taking the time to tune in and visit my website. Below you will find what I posted on Youtube regarding the freebies I had received the last week in December to the 2nd week in January.

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God Bless!!!

Silk Press Natural Hair Atlanta

silk pressed natural hair

Silk Press


Greetings All.

This is just a quick recap of the process and results of a silk press that I had done the day before New Year’s Eve. I have been natural since 2011 and many have said, ” You should have your hair flat ironed. I bet it is down to _____.” I would always respond, “Yeah it probably is and maybe sometime in the winter.”

Well, I am sure many people did not believe me and because your word is usually all you have,  I decided to get my hair silk pressed. I shocked a lot of people, including myself with the length of my hair.

I went to a place in Metro Atlanta near my house based upon a recommendation from a fellow church member and honestly, I had about 3 more recommendations, but I loved the way this particular person’s hair was when I saw it.

The appointment was at 5:30 pm and she was a little late getting started. My hair just came out of being twisted, so no combs or brushes have hit my hair for 5 days which is normal if you are like me and leave your hair twisted for days at a time. Because, my hair was not combed or brushed she combed it without damping my hair first, so to me a lot of breakage occurred but I really could not tell, but it seemed like it.

Pause: For those of you who have had their natural hair washed in a salon environment, are you supposed to have your hair a bit damped first or is combing it dry correct?

At every step of the process, I was amazed at how much hair was on my head and to this day, I am still amazed. We went through the wash and some conditioning (put in and immediately rinsed out) and then to the blow drying with a brush and diffuser which was somewhat painful because there were knots in my hair and no not much mercy was given.

After the blow drying was completed here came the actual silk press part, which was basically a flat iron on every strand in my head until it was straight. I paid extra for a “real trim”, because in three years, I have not had it done and she said that there was not a lot of damage for me taking care of it all myself.

Lastly, I was asked if I wanted to hair curls (like the picture above) or basically bumped and I chose of course curls.

The question now is whether or not I would do this again?

Based upon the result I received, yes, I would, but at a place that does not charge as much for the same type of job (90.00).

I would also make sure I dampen my hair and then brush through it and twist it right before my appointment. I have hair that shrinks when wet, so I need to keep it in twists after I comb it out to make sure it is not combed or brushed through dry.

Let me know who you use in the Metro Atlanta Area and maybe just maybe I will try them.

God Bless!!

#1 Way to keep your resolutions

January 16, 2015 / Inspiration, Main Menu

Like many in the world I have made some type of New Year’s resolution: time to start reading the Bible more, praying more, eating less sweets, working more, and probably the number one is to become healthier. Shh!!! (Looking around), between you and me the hardest for me would be eating less sweets, but each of us have our thing.


It is worky worky time.

I like many others started out great but that one moment of stress or challenge might hit and then you change and go back to your “normal routine”, whether that be to slack up and not go to the gym and work out, eating a half a cake (I have came close, believe me), or not getting closer to God by reading His Word or praying.

I have found that my mistake was to try and tackle my “resolution” in a drastic manner, not gradual. Father God said that, in Philippians 4:13, NLT, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

My strong advice is to take one day at a time (like they do in AA) and of course I am not saying you need to go to AA, but what I am saying is that you don’t have to look to the end of the month at the beginning of the month. Matthew 6:34, NLT, “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. No one is making you do that so why put that pressure on yourself, especially for those of us who are doing something they have not done in a while or have never done, because you might have a wonderful 1st day but then for whatever reason you did not accomplish what you set out to on the 2nd day.

Does that mean you failed? No, it doesn’t. I believe you fail when you do not try at all, or when you fall and do not get back up and just decide to stay there/stay stuck. The fact that you made up your mind to do differently, to better yourself is the start, now what you need to do is follow through, be consistent and persistent. If for some reason you do not accomplish what you want when you want please know that as long as you have life, you have a chance to do and be better so take advantage of it.

Try committing what you are trying to do to the Lord, see Psalms 37:5 NLT, Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you.

In fact, let’s ask Him first. I know I tend to think I know what is right for me or what I need to work on, but I have found that I have much success when I acknowledged Him. Proverbs 3:5-6, NLT, 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

I do not know about you, but I like straight paths because I know that is the path He put me on so I will be successful.

So what are your New Year’s resolutions? I would like to hear them.

God Bless!!!

Buview.com Infinite Joy Caffeine Free Weight Loss Tea with Ginseng

Hello All.

I was given a free sample package of Infinite Joy Caffeine Free Weight Loss Tea with Ginseng through buview.com in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.



A Cup of Tea in the Morning

I enjoy drinking Infinite Joy Caffeine Free Weight Loss Tea and I am willing to let you call me an avid tea drinker, because it is my go to when I am not feeling well and a less fattening treat instead of my usual fattening sodas when I want something sweet and that is quite often (I just add some sweetener to it).  As soon as I opened the bag I noticed a hint of licorice and usually licorice indicates or reminds me should I say of the black, extra strong licorice which I hate, but this was a lite amount of licorice and you can taste it when you drink the tea as well. I has a great taste and I actually drank it without a sweetener if you can believe that. Those who know me, know I love sweets, so for me not to put sweetener in my tea it says something about the taste. Even though I have only been using the product less than 2 weeks faithfully, I believe it’s claim of assisting with weight loss. I actually do feel a bit lighter and I had more regular visits to the restroom, if you know what I mean. I have actually noticed that when I do eat after 1 1/2 hours of drinking the tea that I do not eat as much and when I do I am really full. So, if you are looking for a natural aide in weight loss then try this tea.
God Bless!!!

Bzzagent Kroger Simply Truth Organic Unveiling

Hello all.


Those of you who know me know that I love testing new products and well I have been given another chance to do so. Bzzagent.com awarded me this campaign in exchange for sharing my opinion and spreading the word about Kroger Simply Truth Organic Products.

Here is just a taste of what was inside my box:

Thank you for watching.

Were you awarded any campaigns? If so, tell me about it.


God Bless!!!

Free Nature Valley Bars

Hello All.

If you are like the members of my family, we love to eat snacks and we have found a new one. Thanks to our neighborhood Publix store, hubby and I spotted an offer for a new Nature Valley product and on top of it, it is free. There were rebate forms right next to the product.

Nut Crisp Bars are 140 calories per bar, 2 grams of saturated fat, 170 mg of sodium and 6g sugars. I found it to be a nice snack in between breakfast and lunch and it is small enough to handle my occasional sweet tooth.



Free Nature Valley Bars

God Bless !!!

Welcome All!!

January 7, 2015 / Main Menu

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. The title God4bandme is an indication of what you will see when stopping by which is inspirational and motivational pieces, serious and not so serious articles, or just plain learn something new or a new take on something old (Lord knows I love to give my opinion):)

This is the official God4bandme site and it is a transfer from god4b.wordpress.com. Please feel free to pass on a good word about the site and any suggestions in the comment section.

So stay tuned. You never know what you might get.


God Bless!!!

Top 5 significant events of 2014 (Year in Review)

  1. Encouraging Dream
  2. Motorcycle Accident/God kept him alive
  3. Father in law was led to Christ
  4. Hubby got me a Chrysler 200
  5. Started blog


This has been one of the most emotional years that I have had ever. Most of the excitement occurred within the 1st month of the year with me having a strange dream (in the dream, there were apparently holes in the foundation of the house and unsecure areas that I was not aware of and I was just minding my business putting up baby clothes in a cabinet upstairs and people were coming in left and right and I was trying to figure out what was going on. I woke up and yes, I analyzed it a bit and the thought came to mind that I need to examine my own foundation, make sure things that do not need to be there are out and things that need to be in are in. I chose who I let in my space (life). Do not just let people invite themselves in, but I let them in if I want them in. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am believing God for children and even though we did not leave 2014 with them, we are still encouraged that 2015 is the year for the manifestation.

August 23rd, my hubby was in a motorcycle accident with could have been fatal, but praise God that it wasn’t. He had a broken wrist, which is on the mend and a broken bone in one of this toes. During that time we found out even more that we can be together all day if we needed to without killing each other. We also found that we have terrific brothers and sisters in Christ at our church, because they showed up for us when we needed it.

In a previous post, I mentioned about the best gift ever and that was seeing my Father in law being led to Christ before his death. It was of course a sad and emotional experience for the family, but with God we can get through it. God gave us grace to get back to Michigan in time to see him before he passed away.  See post here: http://wp.me/p5hANz-m

Hubby insisted because he is such a wonderful husband, that I needed to have a new car because I have not had a new car in over 8 years and the cars that we have obtained recently were used. The car runs great and it is about time for her/him (I am not sure which one they areJ), but they need to be cleaned so as soon as I find the proper (recommended) items to make the inside shine like the first time I seen them. They still have the new car scent too.

 Does anyone know when it wears off?

 Last, but not least, from my top 5 significant events of 2014 (drum roll please):


It was starting the blog (www.god4bandme.com). It was scary and at times still is, but I had to take a chance. I just had to and here it goes. I am praying that with time, I will get better and be able to have more wonderful subscribers such as yourselves and put me in position to do more in 2015.

 What are your top 5 significant events of 2014?

God Bless!!!

December 13th – 23rd Freebies and Samples

Hello Again.

Just a quick video on the nice freebies and samples I have received to date.

Thanks for watching.


God Bless!!!