Dove Dermacare Scalp: Wear Black Again Giveaway


Dove Dermacare Scalp: Wear Black Again Giveaway


One of the most embarrassing times in my life has been when I thought that I was looking cute and I was, but my little black dress only to find that there were all kinds of white flakes on my shoulder and not it was not a spotted dress. It was from that horrible thing called dandruff. Many dates and outings have been almost ruined thanks to my scalp having dandruff in it and it appearing at the most inopportune time on my clothes. Little flakes on my clothes makes me feel self-conscious and then I have to do a cover up of the outfit or try to be in dark light wear the flakes are not easily seen.

In the pursuit of ridding myself of flakes, some products are just so harsh that they strip my scalp of it’s natural nutrients and causes other issues. I was given a sample of Dove Dermacare Scalp products to review and give my honest opinion as well as another set for a giveaway.



The line consists of:

Dove Dermacare Scalp Shampoo Invigorating Mint

Dove Dermacare Scalp 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Invigorating Mint

Dove Dermacare Scalp Shampoo Pure Daily Care

Dove Dermacare Scalp 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Pure Daily Care

Dove Dermacare Scalp Dryness and Itch Relief Shampoo

Dove Dermacare Scalp Dryness and Itch Relief Conditioner

The active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, effectively tackles dandruff in a formula that renews scalp and hair’s natural moisture. Its mild, pH balanced formula gently cares for hair.


After shampooing, I followed up with, Dove Dermacare Scalp 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Invigorating Mint, (which has a luxurious creamy consistency) and surprising to me I had slip in my hair, which made it easier for me when it came time to comb. It did not dry out my hair which has been the problem that I have had with other products. Dove-Dermacare-Invigorating-Mint

A happy camper I was after getting through my hair wash routine a little easier thanks to Dove Dermacare Scalp Line, which can be obtained a most food, retail and drug stores. If you would like a chance to win the line mentioned above with all 6 products please enter below:

Dove Dermacare Scalp: Wear Black Again Giveaway

Wear Black Again (Dove Dermacare Products)


As you see, I have decided to put wear black again and I am so happy to report that I had no flakes and this product line does say that with regular use, there will be no flakes so that part is absolutely true!

Have you tried this line to treat your dry and flaky scalp?

Downtown Decatur Food Tours Experience


What better way to explore Decatur Georgia than on a beautiful Saturday. The sun was out and everyone was greeted by our wonderful engaging and beautiful tour guide Tracy. Guests were not bored in the least. There was plenty of great eats and rich history which now I understand why they say “Decatur, where it’s Greater!!” I received a free ticket as a member of Culinary Local to write an honest and unbiased review.

Downtown Decatur Food Tours Experience

1st stop was at Taiyo Ramen and this was one of the highlights by far: steamed pork belly bun. Incredible!! I would have eaten at least 5 of these and enjoyed every one just like the 1st. Taiyo-Ramen-Downtown-Decatur-Food


2nd stop was at a wonderland filled with all types of sweets and retro items at Rocket Fizz: Each patron received 10% off of their purchase.



3rd stop was Calle Latina where we had a beef empanada with mango salsa. Yum.



4th stop: Sapori di Napoli where we had a slice of margherita pizza, had an arancini, shot of limoncello (one of my favorites, but it will put you out) and a cannoli for dessert.



Last but not least, was where I believe I was the most surprised: Splash of Olive where we were able to taste some incredible combinations that Tracy showed us. Who knew that balsamic vinegar can be so delicious.


If you are gluten free or have any special requests, please please let Tracy know and the restaurants will make specially prepared meals for you.

There are different types of tours at different price points and because Tracy did such a wonderful job and knew what she was talking about I will be back for another tour but I will bring some guests to take part in the wonderful experience. See that door in the picture below? Remember it if you decide to take the tour:)



No worries there were activities and so much fun to be had interacting with the rest of the group, that you will forget you actually are getting some exercise in as well.

To read more and obtain the schedule, please visit:

Have you been on a food tour? What has been your favorite one?

All Natural Canned Meat: Keystone Meats


Preparing lunches during the week can be challenging for me because I do not meal prep at least not yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. But in the meantime, one of my staple quick and easy lunches is chicken salad whether it is put on my favorite bun or on a bed of lettuce it is quick and easy and tastes good. I can put whatever ingredients I chose to put in it and make it unique. Now usually canned meat is what I would use and this time is no different, however after being given a chance to try Keystone Meats for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I will not being going back to those other canned chicken products anymore. There are not many canned meat products that do not use some sort of preservatives.


All Natural Canned Meat: Keystone Meats

Simple ingredients: Chicken and Sea Salt



I made chicken salad with 2 cans of the Keystone Canned Chicken, half a chopped onion, mustard and whipped dressing to taste. I like my chicken salad with mostly mustard so the calorie count will not be as high. Hubby wanted a sandwich and I put my serving on a bed of lettuce and each of us enjoyed it and wanted more.


I did not break up all of the chicken, but you can see that it is cooked white meat and it can be used in lots of recipes and Keystone Meats has some great recipes, like Chicken Noodle Casserole or Kitchen Sink Dip & Pinwheels.

If you want a chance to try it before you buy it, you can enter to win a Family Meal Pack until March 14, 2017 on Facebook. Available for purchase online or from Walmart.

Have you tried this brand of canned meat before? Which recipe do you think you would try? 

Cents of Style: 2 Plaid Blanket Scarves for $16 + FREE SHIPPING


Our plaid blanket scarves have been our favorite accessory all season…and we are not ready to give them up. We will be wearing ours on cool Spring nights, in our carry-on bag on vacation, camping in the Summer, and at the movies year round. They are the easiest layer to keep with you…and are oh, so stylish. We’re paying homage to this staple in our closets this week with a crazy deal – 2 plaid blanket scarves for $16! It’s insane. Whether you are stocking up for next Fall, or if you will be wearing yours all year (like us!), this deal can’t be missed!

2 for Tuesday, 2/28

Plaid Blanket Scarves
The code is 2FORPLAID and it will make the final price $16 when 2 scarves are added to the cart. This deal is valid Tuesday, 2/28 only!


Check out some, Spring & Summer Style Tips:

*Wear your scarf as a shawl. With the color options and the ease of adding/removing the layer, it is perfect for those cool spells Spring is known for.
*Wear as a vest. Add a belt to define your waist, keep that extra layer handy and pair with your favorite short sleeve top.
*Summer travel. Airplanes are notoriously chilly. Does your husband turn up the A/C in the car? Solution: Blanket scarf.
*Take it everywhere. It’s so easy to toss in your purse, and pull out where you are cold. The movies, dinner, the outdoor shopping mall? Headed on vacay? Anywhere you find yourself feeling the chill, the blanket scarf can be there to save the day!
*Pair it with your favorite dress. Enough said.
*Add it to your tee and shorts. It will pull together your look, and keep you cozy when the wind kicks up.


Don’t forget Cents of Style: 2 Plaid Blanket Scarves for $16 + FREE SHIPPING Sale is for today only.

Move Toward The Mess

February 26, 2017 / Inspiration, Main Menu, Product Reviews

Hambrick is the Director of Starting Point and Staff Development at Buckhead Church in Atlanta, GA – one of the North Point Community Church campuses in Atlanta that bestselling author Andy Stanley founded. John has served in other churches as an associate pastor and pastor. He has also been a staff member for Young Life and was one of the chaplains at Kings College, University of London.

His book Move Toward the Mess (David C. Cook, 2016) with a foreword by Andy Stanley is rich in conversation topics and thought provoking content to help you decide where you can serve in the Kingdom by “moving towards the mess” all around us. All the way through the book John pours out his deep understanding of what it means to follow Jesus in places like homeless shelters, the streets where prostitutes are seeking validation, and many other places where we see opportunities we can move toward. John profiles many of the organizations that are serving these areas and offers ideas for how we too can join them.

If we are to follow Jesus’ example, we aren’t to wait for people to come to us – but to move towards them: move towards the areas that can be the greatest area of need – the messy areas of life.

We have to get in the game and it is not in the safe 4 walls of our churches but outside of the 4 walls where it is not safe and cozy. Feeling uncomfortable in the sense that it is a different situation and you have no idea what is about to happen, but you know you are doing His will is where we are called to be.

The book shares that the majority of the world sees religious people spending their time being religious and encourages all of us to be more like Jesus who spent his days with messy people in messy situations.

North Point Community Church and its partner churches around the world have an annual campaign called Be Rich. In it, they invite churchgoers to give, share, and serve to those who need it most. To be rich in mercy and love. It involves serving in food pantries, homeless shelters, and anywhere anyone sees a need. Some have given of their tithes and others have donated food.

For me this book is more like a call to action: more standing up for the voiceless in love and giving more and willing to be open for His direction, so if you are bored with your Christianity, this book is for you.

Moore’s Marinades Great for Parties



Break out the wet wipes – it’s about to go down! Moore’s Sauces and Marinades has the best tasting sauces to kick off any occasion. Based in the AL, Moore’s pours their heart into their marinades and sauces to give fans a taste of true southern flavor. Whether you crave a sweet, sticky taste or a hot, tangy flavor, Moore’s has a stellar lineup of products for you to indulge in the best half-time wings you’ve ever had.



Moore’s Sauces and Marinades is a family-owned business who believes that high-quality ingredients and flavor are key to crafting mouthwatering favorites. We tried the Spicy Habanero and was not disappointed. I marinaded some chicken breast in a bowl and stuck it in the refrig for 30 minutes and hubby grilled them and tasted wonderful. We like it hot so it was perfect for us. I cut up the chicken for a great salad, as seen above. ⇑



For your backyard parties this year try Moore’s Wing Trio recipe for a winning party snack that is super easy to make and guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. A delicious blend of Creamy Ranch BuffaloBlue Cheese Buffalo and the award-winning Original Buffalo Wing Sauce, this must-have grub will thrill any wing lover’s taste buds.

Moore's-Wing-SauceMoore’s is continually expanding its line and recently has added the Spicy Habanero Wing & Hot Sauce, and Zesty Garden Herb Marinade to their collection. Check out their website at for tons of yummy recipes that only require 30 minutes or less.

Follow Moore’s Marinades on:





Next time I use the Spicy Habenero marinade, it will be on some chicken pieces that I am about to deep fry and enjoy. Yum yum.

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Glow for a Cause: Beauty Brand that gives back

February 22, 2017 / Fashionista, Main Menu, Product Reviews

Need to treat your skin to something amazing? Look and feel your best this season with GLOW for a cause products! From body butter to lip balm and perfumes, you will smell divine and look fine at all times!



Their delicate products will keep you feeling fresh all day, and you can feel good knowing that with each purchase, you are helping one of the many charities that GLOW for a cause donates to. Not only will you be giving your loved ones the gift of beauty, you will also be giving back to those in need. Try their Wish Body Butter today! (portion obtained from Press Release)

Charities GLOW for a cause Gives Back to Includes:

  • Cowgirls vs. Cancer
  • Boston Firefighter’s Burn Foundation
  • The Red Sox Foundation
  • MaxFund Animal Adoption Center
  • The Gathering Place
  • Berni’s Journey

So remember when you purchase a product from GLOW for a Cause, you’re not only purchasing something to pamper yourself, or someone you love, but you’re giving back. From every purchase, GLOW for a Cause donates five percent to a non-profit group.


Glow for a cause was actually part of my #valentinesdaygiftguide and rightfully so. Valentine’s day is about showing love to someone special in your life and knowing that each purchase from Glow for a Cause is giving back made my Valentine’s Day extra special.

You will not go wrong with their body butters. The scent was light but long lasting and the butter left my skin soft for hours even after washing my hands several times throughout the night.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Holiday Styles with AMI Clubwear


This post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Holiday Styles with AMI Clubwear

Still looking for that perfect gift(s) for that special person? Well just in time for Valentine’s Day, whether you are a jean and t-shirt type of girl or one who enjoys getting all dolled up, AMI Clubwear has you covered and right now they have a RED HOT FRIDAY SALE 55% off Sitewide! Use Code: RED55 (Code is good until 12:00 am, 2/11/17).

I was given a couple of pieces for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Their products are true to size, but just in case please use their size chart. I was not able to find my dress due to it being sold out, but this is one ⇓ is very close to it.

Sexy Black Gold Sequin Detailing Strapless Party Dress is only $9.99 right now, marked down from $30.00.
Sexy Black Gold Sequin Detailing Strapless Party Dress

Now if you are how I like to be sometimes, in jeans, these Distressed Skinny Jeans may be for you. They are also on sale for only $7.99, marked down from $28.99.

Denim Blue Distressed Skinny Jeans

Here are the ones that I was given and I purposely stretched myself by getting them. Why? Because, I have never had distressed jeans, but I think that I am sold on them. What do you think?



Ami Clubwear has 0 on up to plus sizes and there are hundreds of clearance items that you can shop now, including costumes, accessories and shoes. Added bonus, if you shop now and if you purchase more than 50.00 worth of merchandise, you can receive free shipping using code: FREESHIP.

Valentine’s Special: Constellations at the Horizon Theatre for a Special Price


Valentine’s Special: Constellations at the Horizon Theatre for a Special Price


For all of you lovebirds that want to do something different for Valentine’s Day, instead of that boring box of chocolates and flowers, how about including a great theatre experience? Horizon Theatre Company in Atlanta is giving a great deal:

The sweet deets:

Valid Friday, February 10th through Friday, February 17th, 2017.

Two Tickets, reserved seating, two drink vouchers and a special treat!! $70/couple on weekdays and $80/couple on weekends.



Hubby and I had the awesome opportunity to see this play on opening night and it is one of the best that Horizon Theatre has put on. If you do not mind, wanting to curse the actors out at times or crying with them, all because they were that darn good, you will not want to miss this. My emotions were all over the place and so was the rest of the audience. This spellbinding, romantic journey takes a touching and thoughtful look at one couple as it exists in parallel universes.

Hailed as “A singular astonishment” by the New Yorker and “Sexy, sophisticated, and gorgeous” by the New York Times, Horizon’s Constellations runs January 27-February 26. Suzi Award-winning director Justin Anderson, voted Creative Loafing Atlanta’s best stage director in 2016, helms this intimate duet. (Horizon Theatre Press Release)

So you have time to enjoy this great play, however for the Valentine’s Week Special starting on the 10th of February, you do not have much time. Get the tickets now. This is a great deal and they will go fast.


Embrace Grace: Love in a Box


I have received this product from Embrace Grace in exchange for reviewing the item and that this post is part of the FrontGate Blogger Network.

Embrace Grace Write

Showing the love of God in this crazy world is not a hard task if you get out of yourself and open yourself up to others. Everyone needs love, even if it is just in the simple act of smiling. .

More and more, I want there to be less of me and more of Him that others see in me and maybe see that there is hope. Not all in the world is bad.


My church helps a local crisis pregnancy center in the area by giving cute notes written by children, giving the young women Bibles and journals. Embrace Grace does the same type of things and see for yourself below:

Embrace Grace: Love in a Box

Love in a Box is a pro-love initiative launched to help save babies and help moms get plugged into local
churches for spiritual, emotional and physical support through an Embrace Grace group.

Boxes are distributed to pregnancy centers nationwide and given to young, single women with positive pregnancy  tests. The box is full of gifts that will inspire hope and impart love to a mom that may be scared for her future. Each box consists of a Fearless Journal and pen, a Bump in Life book, a baby onesie, testimonial letters of girls that  chose adoption and chose to parent, an invitation to join an Embrace Grace group and a Brave Girl letter that can  be written by YOU!

You have the opportunity to speak into the life of a mom that could possibly be contemplating a life or death decision.You can encourage, uplift and inspire her to choose life and to get plugged into an Embrace Grace support group at a local church.

We want to help brave moms choose life and get plugged into a spiritual family so they can be saved, discipled, mentored and be a part of a community that loves them the way Jesus loves.




* Start an Embrace Grace at their local church so young women with unplanned pregnancies have a support group.
* Partner with the national organization through prayer and support at
* Download and print our brave girl letter ( and mail to address below for us to place inside a  Love in a Box.


You can mail your Brave Girl letter to:
Embrace Grace, Inc.
Attn: Love in a Box
700 W. Bedford Euless Rd., Ste. G
Hurst, TX 76053


Want to share with others the beautiful message of Embracing Grace and Pro-Love? Click this link to enter to win your very own copy of the journal and a Pro-Love necklace for yourself.

Embrace Grace Write