Top Underrated Home Improvements



If you own a house, you know the struggle of doing home improvements. You want to tackle the big things, but as soon as you are ready to, something goes wrong and you have to hold off on your big project. Some of these ‘must do’ projects are probably renovating your kitchen, adding granite countertops to your bathrooms, and replacing your hardwoods because these are on trend to upgrade, but there are so many other home improvement ideas out there that do not get enough attention.

Sure, renovating your kitchen will definitely help increase the value of your home, but make sure you are thinking about things that will make your life better, as well. Today, I want to share with you a short list of home projects that are underrated. Hopefully after today, you will see that there are other things that you can do to improve your home, not just the big trendy projects. These home improvement projects should help you live more comfortably in your home and when you are ready to sell, they should be great perks to the new homeowners, as well!


Top Underrated Home Improvements

  • Sealing Off Your Home

If you have never had any pest problems, this probably didn’t even cross your mind, but as soon as you do have any wildlife issues (fingers crossed that you won’t), you will have wished that you would have done this sooner. Having a completely sealed house is a definite perk to future homeowners because they know that they will hopefully never have to deal with rats, flying squirrels, etc. in their home and attic. This is a huge perk because having those animals in your walls and attic can cause serious damage.


  • Going Green

Did you know that it will save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions just by trading in one incandescent light bulb for 1 CFL bulb?! There are many small things that you can do to make your home green and then there are also bigger things you can do, like adding solar panels and having temperature regulating walls. According to Conserve-Energy-Future, “ You could significantly boost the overall value of your home just by making your home eco-friendly. By installing solar panels on the roof top or adding a water-saving toilet and shower, you will not only save money but create a perk for new buyers should you ever sell your home.” Help the environment by going green in your home and your life in general. It may be an underrated home improvement, but it will be beneficial in the end!


  • Adding Window Films

A lot of people do not know about window films, but adding them to your home windows definitely has a lot of benefits from security and safety, to decoration and glare. In Atlanta, if you are looking for a company to help you out with window tinting, you can find UHS Window Tinting and Blinds at your disposal. UHS Window TInting and Blinds is a locally owned and operated company in the metro Atlanta area. Are you tired of excess heat and glare, faded furnishings, or not enough security and privacy? If so (which I know everyone in Atlanta is dealing with excess heat in the summer months), then window films can definitely help you out. Their full line of 3M window film products can help with all of those issues. UHS Window Tinting and Blinds’ mission is to give nothing but the highest level of service and their reviews are all fantastic, so you can trust them with your window tinting service. The great thing about window tinting is that you get a fast payback with significant savings. According to UHS Window Tinting and Blinds, if you install window films, you can reduce heat gain the summer months by up to 79%, many utility companies offer incentives, and you can save 1-2 dollars per square foot of film installed. I would call that an underrated home improvement!


  • Adding Insulation

Adding insulation is another underrated home improvement that will save you money in the long run. If your home is getting too hot or cold, in addition to your window films, you can also try adding insulation. This will significantly reduce your electric and gas bill and you will thank yourself for adding insulation when you did!

What are some of your home improvement ideas? 

What I Will Share With My Daughter – Adored Devotional


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Each day features an easy-to-read, relevant devotion paired with a scripture verse and journaling space to help readers reflect on the day’s message. The book tackles tough topics girls face, from bullying and social media to friendships and dating, all the while showing readers how infinitely precious they are in God’s sight. Perfect for those 13 years of age and older.


What I Will Share With My Daughter – Adored Devotional

  1. We love her unconditionally and even more important, Father God loved her 1st and loves her the most (old saying from my grandma)
  2. She can do whatever it is she puts her mind to and succeed, but the true form of success is doing what Father God wants her to do (getting into the Adored 365 Devotional can help prepare her for that)
  3. No matter what relationships she has in life, the most important one is w/Father God and let no one or nothing stop you from chasing after Him
  4. She is beautiful and it is okay to dress and be pretty/feminine because that is what God made you to be, but the most important part is your heart and if that is beautiful you truly are beautiful
  5. Daddy will straight hurt the man who hurts you, so chose wisely for their sake:)
  6. The man you are supposed to marry will love God 1st and you 2nd and not the other way around
Here is your chance to win a copy for your loved one, by entering below:


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Adored is another great gift idea and stay tuned because more suggestions are coming. Thanks for stopping by. 

Stylish Shopping with Shop LC


Thanksgiving is literally less than 3 days away and with that we all know, Black Friday is coming right behind it and wait don’t forget Cyber Monday. In years past, there were more people sleeping overnight at stores to find that perfect item or items for themselves or their loved ones, but more and more people are shopping online due to the ease of it. For me, most times shopping during the holidays is so crazy and hectic. You can really get overwhelmed if you do not go with a shopping list and stick to it.

Picture it: you get up at 8:00 am in the morning while still in your pjs, pour yourself a cup of coffee and get to shopping. Not any long lines or warming up cars or dealing with a lot of sometimes very pushy individuals trying to fight you for the last item.

Now with that said, I have discovered this home shopping network called, Shop LC. I did not tell my mother yet, because when I say I learned home shopping from her I did. Once I share this with her, she will be ordering stuff left and right because the prices are so reasonable.

Shop LC has been known as the place to go for jewelry, but actually it carries stylish fashion accessories, clothing, home decor, bags, and more. The best part that I have found is that most of the items are $20.00 or less which is right up to par with my budget for some people.  The items are unique and you will not see many people with it. I found some awesome accessories, ⇓ and most were less than $15.00 with the exception of this gray faux leather tote that came with a matching hobo handbag which was $39.99 which is $20.00 each bag.

I had fun when it came to finding accessories, which is always a need for me, only to find that they were so affordable. Bead cuffs were my favorite find along with the Strada Chroma Watch with 5 Stretchable Bracelets both of which were $14.99 and less each.

Do like I did and go to Shop LC for all of your gifting needs and yes you can get 15% off like I did by using my special coupon code: god4bandme15. Feel free to use this code on the entire website catalog for purchases $20 or more, excluding online auction items and items currently being aired on TV. It will be valid until Dec 2nd.

*Discount valid on select online items only now until 12/2/17. Not valid on Live TV or $1 Online Auctions. Cannot be combined with other promo codes.


All of the above items ⇑cost me less than $100.00. Can you believe it? I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the fact that I made the purchase myself. My closet thanks me and yours will too:)





Thank you for this great opportunity. Collaboration sourced via Shopping Links and Shop LC. All opinions are my own.

Tyler Perry’s Book Higher Is Waiting Giveaway

“This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Penguin Random House. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Tyler-Perry-Higher-Is-WaitingI can kinda understand if you have not heard of the following: House of Payne or For Better or Worse, but if you have not heard of Madea and all of her shaniegans I want to ask one question: “Where have you been hiding?” :)

Tyler Perry, the man behind all of the above and then some has done something that I have on my bucketlist to do one day and that is to write a book and impact people in a positive way. He has done such a thing and it has dropped today!! Tyler’s book, Higher Is Waiting, he speaks about the challenges in life and it is meant to inspire readers to climb higher in their own lives and pull themselves up to a better, more fulfilling place. If you know any part of his back story, you know what he has been through and how it has made him a stronger and more caring individual in spite of some of the obstacles which some of us probably could not bare, but God!!!

I have not had a chance to read it yet as it arrived today, but I have heard him speak and if any of what I heard is in the book then we are in for some laughter and some tears.


Giveaway Details:
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Please pass this contest along. This may be the book someone needs to help push them in the next direction they need to go in life.

Stay tuned for more reviews, giveaways and more.



Sympli Styled Fashion For All Women


Sympli Styled Fashion For All Women

Fit to flatter.  Fabrics that feel as good as they look. Infinite layering possibilities. Meticulous details. These are just a few of the factors that make Canadian clothing label Sympli a wardrobe game changer.  Every Sympli garment is designed with a singular purpose to be that confidence-boosting piece a woman will reach for, rely upon and make her own, combining it in endless variety with other go-to items. I have received these pieces free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of their products.


“We are women designing for women,” says company founder Jan Stimpson.  “We believe that great fit, ease of movement, quality fabrication and beautiful drape transcend body type, size and age.  Sympli is about freedom of movement and expression, and as a result every woman wears it well.” The idea for the line was born when Stimpson was frustrated in her search for the ideal tee. Realizing there was no single definition of such a garment, she set out to make finding perfection a matter of options, not luck.  Today, the brand encompasses a multitude of evolving styles that together, yield infinite wardrobe possibilities.


The fabric is of premium quality, very soft, and durable. I am so impressed and happy that it is machine washable and wrinkle free. I can attest truly to the wrinkle free because I did have it in the packaging for a while and the iron did not touch it at all. No one could tell that it was not ironed and I was glad. Why you ask? Well, I am like most people. I hate ironing.


This is a perfect brand for every lady no matter the figure type and not every brand can say that. They have so many awesome styles and colors that it is so hard to pick just one outfit. Made to mix and match so feel free to load up. I am so pleased and would wear this brand anywhere at anytime and feel free to dress the pieces up or down. Sympli Styled Fashion For All Women I must say again!! 

Have you tried the Sympli clothing brand? If not, you are missing out and are in for a real treat once you do try the clothes.     



Surya Brasil Vegan Nail Polish


Surya Brasil Vegan Nail Polish

Received these products free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the products. #suryabrasilbeauty #ad


Surya-Brasil-Nail-polishFall is here and some cool colors come with it, from the various colors of the leaves to even those new colors of nail polish for the Fall season. I have noticed right along with you and I have come across a brand that had a great idea and that was to come out with exotic animal nail polishes. Inspired by nature’s vibrant colors and there are 16 of them so you are bound to find some you like.

Surya Brasil is the brand that I want to introduce to you. I do not often do my nails unless it is for a special occasion or something because usually the polish comes off too quick, but I found that with all of the washing of my hands and washing my hair that Surya Brasil’s polish lasted longer than the ones I am use to and on top of it the brand is also 7 Free. 


I did not know what it meant either, but apparently there a lot of horrible things found in nail polish usually so Surya Brasil does not include:

  • NO Camphor
  • NO DBP
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Toluene
  • NO ingredients of animal origin
  • NO animal testing


In fact, they are a leader in natural, organic and vegan cosmetics, so don’t just stop by and get their Exotic Animals Nail Polish, try out their hair and skin care as well. Surya-Brasil-Exotic-AnimalSurya Brasil will cause me to pamper myself more often knowing that the polishes last longer on my nails and because it does not have those harmful ingredients. Have you checked out the wood caps and the lovely animal illustrations on each bottle. How detailed is this!!

Will you join me in trying Surya Brasil Exotic Animals Nail Polish? If so, what color or colors do you want to try?

Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Review


Thank you Ozeri Instavac and US Family Guide. I received this product to review for my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links. #ad

I have never used a food storage product due to seeing others reviews of them that were not so great, but with the need to eat better and be able to have some of the fresh fruit and vegetables last longer, I jumped at the chance to review Ozeri Instavac containers.


I had purchased some veggies from my local Kroger and when I find that specially priced produce I am on it, but I forgot to use it quickly so what did I do? I used some of the veggies and then used the 3 cup size bowl and put it in the refrigerator.

So easy to use and all you have to do is push the air out and the airtight container does the rest. You put down the valve and then press the air out and as you do that it makes a cute noise (whistle) and then you can change the date to the day you put it in the refrigerator.

The Ozeri Instavac kit comes with 4 bowls and lids in different sizes. The sizes are 21 cups (5.0 Liters), 12.7 cups (3.0 Liters), 6.3 cups (1.5 Liters), and 3 cups (0.7 Liters). The lids have a dial on air valve, so you can set the date that you put your food in there so you know how long it’s been in fridge.

Ozeri-WebThe kit is BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof and as transparent as glass; Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe; Satisfaction guaranteed.

What everyone wants to know is whether or not it worked? It did work! I went out of town for 4 days and still did not touch it for 3 additional days, so more than a week later the veggies were still good. Worth the purchase? Yes indeed,

Do you use a Food Storage Kit? If so, what kind and how well does it work? 



Natural Soap That Will Leave Your Skin Soft


Natural Soap That Will Leave Your Skin Soft

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You know after a long day of work and trying to relax you want to come home and pamper yourself without the cost of a 5 star rated spa but want the feel of one? That is what I wanted and I have found a great brand that enabled me to do just that. Green Goo is a natural organic brand that will leave your skin soft and has no harmful ingredients. I was sent a few items to try in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

I admit after using the healing bar that had lavender and comfrey in it, that I was initially worried because I had that squeaky clean feeling which usually at least for me is accompanied by my skin needing moisture/lotion, but immediately after I felt my skin and it was smooth and soft. Lavender calms tensions and disinfects the skin, while Comfrey root is a skin cell regenerator widely known for its external healing abilities.


Picture credit: Green Goo

I have heard of Castille Soap, but did not know what to do with it. According to the brand, Castille Soap, is an all-natural, all-purpose wonder cleaner, so natural dish soap here you come.


Picture credit: Green Goo

Ahhhhh. With wonderful scents that are sure to satisfy, like Fresh Citrus, and Lemongrass Zinger, will make you forget that you are washing away dirt and germs.


Picture credit: Green Goo

I totally swapped out one of my bar soaps, but the natural bar soap that has palm oil as well as other essential oils. Sometimes using natural products, it seems that they just do not last as long, but Green Goo apparently goes through a 35 day cold process, which helps ensure a longer lasting bar guaranteed to pamper your skin which is AWESOME!! That was one reason that I did not purchase natural soap often because I always had to replace it sooner than I thought I should.

Have you tried any of these great products from Green Goo? If not, what are you waiting for? Try the natural soap that will leave your skin soft.

ZeroWater Provides Cleaner Hydration


ZeroWater Provides Cleaner Hydration

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Hydrating is important and drinking more water is part of that, as I have mentioned in my last post, there are different ways to achieve that, but the most common way is just good old water, whether it is filtered or not, flavored or not, etc.

Usually my go to water is seltzer water, but at times costs a lot of money especially to get the kind without sodium, sweetener or other additives/preservatives. There have been times during a visit to my local, Home Depot, where I would see signs about testing your water and I was always interested and intriqued.

I was given the chance to try Zero Water and this was what I was looking for. The opportunity to check my water to see if there is actually a difference from filtered and non filtered water.


So, I dived right in and opened the Zero Water pitcher box, which included a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Tester and so I turned on the water and put some in one of my favorite glasses and then put the TDS tester in the glass. The results were 047, so I had to see what the number was filtered……


Different glass, and poured some water from the ZeroWater pitcher (filtered) and once again put the TDS Tester in glass and the results were (drum roll please): 001. Different from the sink and it is enough for me to take notice.

About ZeroWater

  • Only Filter Pitcher Certified by NSF to Reduce both Lead and Chromium
  • 5-Stage Filtration removes 99.6% of Dissolved Solids
  • BPA Free
  • One-handed “push to dispense” spout to fill any bottle or cup
  • TDS meter that provides a digital reading so you know when it is time to change your filter

This product is a good way to provide cleaner hydration to your families. To get your own Zerowater Pitcher ⇒ Cleaner Water for less than $35.00 for the pitcher and replacement filters can be found here ⇒ Need More Filters.

Have you tested the results of the filtered water you had recently?

Hydration Smoothies New at Smoothie King


Hydration Smoothies New at Smoothie King

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It is truly official this year has been the worse for heat, humidity and just plain energy draining. Maybe I am just spoiled coming from the North, but it is just sometimes just too darn hot to do anything and what I have found is that water and more water is the key to surviving in this type of heat.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the most important things to do if you are finding yourself doing a lot of outdoor activities, working out and at times just standing out in the heat. To help keep me hydrated in particular after working a full time job and a side gig until we get up some more faithful staff, I have found myself needing more help than just regular water. I am good for wanting something sweet instead of water which of course is the best for you, but hey if you are like me and want something other than water try the Hydration Smoothies New At Smoothie King to replenish yourself after sweating in the Georgia sun.


I had the pleasure of trying the Dragon Fruit and it was totally delicious. I could not get enough of it. I had the 32oz and it was more than enough for me. I had it as a quick pick me up and you will find that the dragon fruit according to, it has 6 grams of fiber. Some of the ingredients were: mangos, stevia, coconut water, dragon fruit of course and juice blends. What I love about these the most are that there is no artificial sweeteners or sugars added.

Never fear, if you do not like dragon fruit, try one of the other members of the hydration line: Watermelon Hybiscus and Lemon Green Tea.

Have you tried the new hydration smoothie line? Which one(s) are you looking forward to trying?

Ooops almost forgot, here is the recipe:

At-Home Dragon Fruit Hydration Smoothie Recipe

  • Pitaya Plus Smoothie Pack 1 Pack
    • “Pitaya” is another word for dragon fruit; these are organic and frozen dragon fruit cubes that can be found at Whole Foods.
  • Mango                           ½ Cup, Diced
  • Coconut Water               ½ Cup
  • Papaya Juice                 1/3 Cup
  • Ice 1 ½ Cups

Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.