Ibotta Luster Premium White Deals




Great evening all. I am writing you today just to give you a heads up about a wonderful deal. If you love to save money and I do not know too many people who don’t, but for a limited time only (June 9th), you can get up to 12.50 cash back by purchasing one of the following when you use the Ibotta app:

Now through June 9th users can save on:

  • Luster Pro Light Kit – Earn $7.00 cash back
  • Luster 2 Minute White Kit – Earn $2.50 cash back
  • Luster Power White Toothpaste – Earn $1.50 cash back
  • Luster NOW! Toothpaste – Earn $1.50 cash back


Luster Premium White is distinguished by having no messy strips or trays, no inconvenient or expensive office visits, and best of all, no tooth sensitivity thanks to breakthrough technology and premium ingredients including stabilized peroxide.

I had my teeth whitened once and it was quite the experience. I loved the results, however I could not afford to keep it up, but this is the next best thing for a lot less money:)

I love saving money especially when it is on products that I purchase anyway and this is one product that I would purchase more often if I can either catch it on sale and/or with ibotta cash back deals. Plus, you can earn an additional $.50 bonus with the purchase of a Luster Premium White whitening kit (Pro Light or 2 Minute White) and a toothpaste (Power White or Luster NOW!).


Have you used a teeth whiting system before? If so, do you still use it?

Varuni Napoli Opens in Krog Street Market


Varuni Napoli Opens in Krog Street Market


On a beautiful day in Atlanta, I was given the opportunity to attend a media night preview for a wonderful restaurant opening, Varuni Napoli in Krogs Street Market thanks to Culinary Local. My guest and I were not paid, but were able to try various menu items for free in exchange for our honest and unbiased reviews.


Most of my life I have wanted to go to Italy and eat my way around the area, but due to it being so expensive, we will have to save up a little more before I can get there. In the meantime, I jumped at the chance to try an Italian pizzeria and it was in an area of Atlanta that I had never been and we had a ball.


Guests were given a special event menu to select the items they wanted to try and we noticed that everyone from the cashier, servers, bartenders, pizza maker station and the owner, were very inviting and nice. Just their attitude made me want to come back before I even tried the food.





Fresh ingredients, some of which were/are from Atlanta suppliers and some flown in from Italy. I am already spoiled and I know that any authentic Italian restaurant that I try from this point on, better taste just as good or I will not go back:) The crust: 4 simple ingredients and 1 of which is from Italy. Awesome restaurant and atmosphere.


Next time you are looking for an authentic Italian pizzeria, make sure to check out Varuni Napoli in the Krog Street Market and let me know I may just meet you there.

There are 2 locations in Metro Atlanta and to find out more information about the Owner, restaurant or ingredients, click here: https://www.varuni.us/.


Have you tried Varuni Napoli? What is your favorite pizza? 

Special Things You Can Do For The Man In Your Life


From birthdays, Christmas’, to our fast approaching Father’s Day, there is always a reason to celebrate the man, or men (hey, dad’s and grandpa’s need to be celebrated, too) in your life! After a while, it gets tedious to get special gifts, or do special things for those men in your life and we end up getting meaningless gifts that will be thrown in the trash after a few years to come. Well, I am here to change that today! I want to share with you all special things that you can do for the man in your life, because he really does deserve it. Here are my very best ideas for special things you can give, or do for your man:

1. Take him on a vacation

This is definitely the most expensive option in this list and it is not for everyone, but hear me out! If you can afford it, taking him on a surprise getaway is an amazing idea. According to The Huffington Post, the more vacations you take, the happier you will be. I know the traditional saying is “happy wife, happy life,” but I think it goes both ways – if you have a happier husband or boyfriend, you are sure to be happier, as well. Going on vacation will you happier, less stressed, more relaxed and it will put you in a better mood overall. If I need another reason to convince you to go on a vacation, then let it be the fact that you get to go, as well. 😉 Make sure you do not plan the trip for yourself, though. If your man loves adventurous trips, but you love sitting on the beach, make sure you don’t choose a beach trip! Keep in mind that this is for him, not you!



2. Give him a day of rest

Everyone needs a day of rest! A great idea for this is to call out of work for him without letting him know, if possible. Turn off his morning wake up alarm and let him sleep in! Start the morning with breakfast in bed, then let him do his favorite things throughout the day – you can let him run the show! Make sure not to let him lift a finger, though! If there is a chore that needs to be done, do it for him. If you choose to do this, a perfect day would be a Friday or Monday. Friday is a great option because you would get his weekend off to a great start! Monday is also a great option because everyone dreads a Monday. Not getting up early, when you think you have to would be a fantastic start to the week! Rest is becoming a lost practice and the more we need it, the less it is actually happening and instead, we fill our calendars to keep ourselves busy..

3. Give him a gift that will last a lifetime

Giving a gift that will last a lifetime is as special as an item will get. When thinking of a gift, you want to make sure that it is high quality and from a reputable source. While there are many fantastic gift ideas that will last a lifetime out there, one of my favorite ideas is a sword from Swords of Northshire. Swords of Northshire offers Samurai Swords, Ninja Swords, Knives, Custom Swords and Accessories. They are a reputable source for swords for a few different reasons. First of all, they have fantastic reviews. If you check out their website, you will see for yourself. They also have wonderful customer service – they not only have a customer service telephone number, but you can also reach them through email and live chat, as well. On top of both of those reasons, they also hand forge their swords in the town of Longquan. Longquan is located in China in the Qinxi mountainous area. Longquan has over 2,600 years of sword making experience (it can be traced back to 770-476 BC), when the town was founded, making longquan swords are the most traditional ancient weapons of China. When purchasing a sword through Swords of Northshire, you know that your sword will go through the most tedious, perfected forging process in Longquan, ensuring that you receive the best product possible.



4. Give him something that he has wanted for a while

It seems like we are constantly going through life wanting something new, each day, so I am positive that you have heard your man point out something that he has been wanting. It could be something small, or something on the larger side, but as long as he wants it, you are good to go!

5. Have a fancy dinner

Food is one of my biggest passions, so you know that a fancy dinner is the way to my heart. Search for fancy recipes and make your own dinner at home, or take him out to a special restaurant in your area. If you make him dinner at home, set the mood by playing some light music, opening a bottle of wine and lighting some candles. If you go out to dinner, I am sure the restaurant will set the mood of romance for you!



No matter what you decide to do for the man in your life, if it comes from the heart, it is sure to be special. If you are still having a hard time deciding what to do after all of these tips, just take time to really think about what he needs and wants and you will get your answer! Don’t forget to check out Swords of Northshire if you think your guy could be interested in a sword or knife!

How To Use A Knife – Horizon Theatre Company

How To Use A Knife – Horizon Theatre Company


How to Use a Knife is a sharp-edged comedy sizzling with spicy banter and second chances! In the chaotic hustle and bustle of a Wall Street restaurant, Chef George gets a fresh start when he takes over this melting-pot-of-a-kitchen. Two rowdy Guatemalan line cooks, a wet-behind-the-ears busboy, and a reserved African dishwasher serve up drama nightly. But the heat really turns up when immigration sneaks in, looking for a wanted man. How to Use a Knife bursts with grinding suspense, crackling energy, and piercing surprises as secrets from the past come to a boil.

The title alone makes me very curious, but I am interested in what happens to this wanted man. How-to-use-a-knife

Tickets and More

How to Use a Knife runs May 19 through June 25 (Press Opening May 26) at the Horizon Theatre in Little Five Points/Inman Park. (1083 Austin Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, corner of Euclid and Austin Avenues). Performances run Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8:00pm, Saturdays at 3pm and 8:30pm, and Sundays at 5:00pm, beginning May 19, 2017 and are currently scheduled to run through June 25, 2017. No Saturday matinee May 20 or June 3rd.

Tickets start as low as $25 (plus sales tax) and are on sale now. Prices change based on availability and demand, so buy early for the best prices! Three play subscriptions also available. Internet convenience fee added to all online orders. No refunds, exchanges, or late seating. Tickets and information are available at 404.584.7450 or www.horizontheatre.com.

(excerpt from press release from Horizon Theatre).

Go Organically Fruit Snacks Review and Sweepstakes

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 


Go Organically Fruit Snacks are a brand of GMO-free fruit snacks available in three varieties, all of which are USDA-certified organic, made with real fruit purées and real fruit juices. These fruit snacks have 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C and are a good source of Vitamins A and E. Go Organically® Fruit Snacks are also gluten-free, preservative-free and made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources.  The three varieties available are Fruit Medley, Tropical, and Mixed Berry.

Snacks are a favorite in my household and the Fruit Medley fruit snacks, were the perfect substitute for my sweet tooth just less fattening:) Each box comes with eight individually wrapped snack pouches.  To see where to get them for yourself, check here.

Right now, in time for Mother’s Day, Go Organically Fruit Snacks have a great sweepstakes that ends, May 14th, 2017 at 11:59pm, see details below:

To enter:

  • Simply visit http://goorganicallymominationsweeps.com/, and share what makes the mom you are entering so special. The description will automatically enter you AND the “mominee” for a chance to win the first two tier prizes. To enter for the grand prize, you must upload a photo in addition to sharing what makes your “mominee” so special.


  • Grand Prize: $500 Visa gift card and 3 boxes of Go Organically Fruit Snacks
  • Runners Up: A bouquet of flowers and 3 boxes of Go Organically Fruit Snacks
  • Giveaways: 1 box of Go Organically Fruit Snacks


What ways are you honoring your Mom this Mother’s Day?


Armed with Truth Temporary Scripture Tattoos with Giveaway

Received this product free in exchange for my honest review.


A great new way to help learn Scripture as well as a great talking piece and way to share your faith with others is by wearing Scripture Tattoos. I was given an opportunity to receive a Verse Tattoo and Designer Pack (with several) free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

I do not have any tattoos (permanent ones) at the moment, and never really considered any until now. I would see others with all types of things that are important to them on themselves and some not so important, but I thought that was worth putting on my body even though it is temporary.

Faith not fear is the one I chose to best describe my life right now. There are a lot of things going on good and bad that I just have to chose to have faith and not fear.


I love that this was easy to apply and the instructions were 100% accurate. Place the tattoo face down on clean skin (no lotion), remove the protective layer, place a moist cloth on top of it for about 30 seconds, press down and then remove. Voila!!!

Like to enter giveaways and want to try these temporary scripture tattoos? Enter below:
Armed With Truth Emboldened Giveaway! (Contest on Hive.co)

If you do not want to take your chances with the giveaway, use my coupon code (god4bandme) and obtain 20% off your order.

Have you ever tried a temporary tattoo? What was it? 

Spony is the Perfect Baseball Cap for My Ponytails

I have received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Exercise!!! Who needs some stinking exercise? Well we all need exercise, so there is no sense of running from it. The picture below is after I tackled Kennesaw Mountain and arrived back home safe and sound. Trust me, I was not smiling much while I was tackling the mountain and I may call you a bit strange if you do:)

Spony is-the-Perfect-Baseball-Cap-for-My-Ponytails

As I mentioned above, I have received this special cap and I do mean special because it was able to successfully do something no other cap/hat has been able to do and that is be worn with my hair in it’s natural state. I have 4b naturally curly hair that just will not fit in a cap/hat no way no how until now.


Spony is the Perfect Baseball Cap for My Ponytails

About Spony

Bad hairday? Throw a Spony on it! With the patent-pending Convertible Women’s Ballcap, you can wear it closed like a regular ballcap or open up the back to flaunt that updo. See how it works here: Spony In Action

Elevate your spring and summer style with a cap designed for comfort and convenience! Whatever the weather, the Spony Ballcap has got your back. If it gets warm, open up the back of the cap for ventilation or if there’s a chance of showers, close up the back for protection.

Inspired by an episode of Oprah, Spony was born from a dream to reinvent everyone’s favorite cap. After several variations, the original Spony was created. While first brought to the market internationally, Spony’s determination to be “Made in the USA” finally paid off in January of this year when they received their first American made product. Designed with the modern woman in mind, the comfort of the Spony makes it easy to convert your cap for any occasion!



Look at all that hair and it is holding. My hair did not stretch the cap at all or damage it or anything. All of my hair fit perfectly in the cap and it was comfortable. You do have to watch the velcro but that is not unique in hats that have velcro.

Strongly, I would say that Spony is the Perfect Baseball Cap for My Ponytails and it will be for yours too.

Cooking Fresh Seafood with Sprouts Farmers Market

I did not receive monies for this review, however was given a gift card which did not
influence my opinion in any way. Sprouts is providing the winner with a gift card 
after winner is chosen.




After attending the GF & AF Expo in Atlanta last year, I fell in love with Sprouts Farmers Market and I have been to their website and have bugged some of their staff to open a store in my area, but to date they haven’t:(They will though. I refuse to be denied:)

In the meanwhile, if I am near the closest store in my area, I try to stop by. Recently, after becoming a part of Atlanta Food Bloggers Society, I was invited to attend an interactive (which I did not expect) cooking demo at The Cook’s Warehouse that was hosted by Sprouts.


To top that, the beautiful and talented Chef that was teaching was Chef Tregaye Fraser, winner of Season 12 the Next Food Network Star. Chef Tregaye is also the new host of “The Kitchen Sink” on the Food Network.

During the event, Chef Tregaye showed us how to make some fresh seafood recipes, including lettuce wrap fish tacos, which following her demo, we separated into teams and had to come up with a spin to her recipe utilizing only Sprouts branded products.


We unfortunately did not win, but the food tasted great and we came in 2nd place which was still so cool. On top of it, everyone left with a $100 dollar gift card to Sprouts and a bag filled with some of their great products.

Sprouts paired with me and is giving you a chance to win a $25 dollar gift card by entering below:

$25.00 Sprouts Farmers Market Gift Card (Cooking Fresh Seafood)

Have you ever been to Sprouts Farmers Market? If so, what’s your favorite thing about Sprouts? If you haven’t, what are you looking forward to purchasing? Comment below.

God Loves Mommy & Me Review and Giveaway



I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This book is perfect for Mother’s Day and beyond. Mothers are connected to their children and reading to them also brings them closer. God’s love is shown through a mother’s love for her children.


This cute, quick read is beautifully illustrated and it goes along and shares the day by day adventure of a mommy bunny and her little bunny and infuses God all through it. Showing how He loves us and I believe the best part in the book is when they pray they always say, “You’re so good, God-thank You!”  At such an early age it teaches the little ones that God is an important part and that He loves them.

I am looking forward to when I can read to my little ones and this is a great book to have in my collection.

For your chance to win a copy of God Loves Mommy & Me, please enter at the link below:


Winners selected 5/8/17.

God Loves Mommy and Me is a celebration of strong, loving mothers, cherished little ones, and the God who loves them all. Perfect for story time, bedtime, or any time, this sweet board book celebrates God’s gift of family.

Is this a book that you would like to read to your little ones?

Vera Bradley Coloring Books with Giveaway

Post has affiliate links. If you chose to make a purchase, I will receive a small 
commission at no additional cost to you.


Vera Bradley Coloring Books with Giveaway

As I look back over some of my life, I saw times in which I was more creative and one of the areas in which I was able to express my creativity was when I would draw and color. Coloring is so relaxing and you are free to use whatever color combinations you want regardless of what someone else thought.

Everyone just about used a coloring book at some point in their lives and here is my chance again. I was given a pair of Vera Bradley Coloring Books to use in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Talk about a happy camper!! With all of the stressors in my life, being able to put my energy into a coloring book and have some fun I could not say no.


As I mentioned, I had two coloring books, and I gave my mom one just in time for Mother’s Day and also some Crayola Colored Pencils. She had heard of Vera Bradley products and was so happy that I gave her one and smiled as she shared how she used to color to relieve stress as well.

In the front of the coloring book, they include tips to get you started and all throughout the book you find some awesome quotes which can be framed and given away for gifts to ones you love. I am having so much fun and so will you.

About Vera Bradley, Inc.

Vera Bradley, Inc. is a leading designer of women’s handbags and accessories, luggage and travel items, eyewear, stationery and gifts. Founded in 1982 by friends Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller, the brand’s iconic designs and versatile styles provide women of all ages a colorful way to accessorize. The company’s commitment to breast cancer research continues to increase its reach through the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. 

Vera Bradley in conjunction with the publisher would love to offer you a pair of your own Vera Bradley Coloring Books, so enter below. Limited to US residents 18+ years old and older.

Vera Bradley Coloring Book Giveaway

Do you like adult coloring books? Do you have your own Vera Bradley Coloring Book, if so share some pictures.

Thank you for reading and do not forget to subscribe to the blog to stay in the loop. Hint: Other giveaways to come.