The Dopest Chef TaTa’s Dope By Design Event Wows All


The Dopest Chef TaTa’s Dope By Design Event Wows All

I received a free ticket to the entrance of one of the hottest events in Atlanta in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and promotion of the event. #dopebydesign #ad #WofCApproved #WomenofCulinary

When you receive an invite to an event at an undisclosed location you know you are in trouble. Not the bad kind of trouble, but the good kind. After receiving an invite to a one of a kind event, I could not pass it up especially after hearing that a very talented female chef was going to be featured, some edible art and fashion. All of these topics are of great interest to me and I was not disappointed. Well I was when it came to an end, but enough wallowing in spilled milk. Let’s move onto the show!!

We are going to start off with the food and venue. What a venue? As I mentioned it was an undisclosed location so when I arrived there was a door that was open to some wonderful scents and upon walking down the hall you see all types of art.

You ask, “Who created most of the masterpieces featured?” I will gladly tell you Chef Ta Ta did. Yes, she created them and some if not all are edible. Shocked me too, and no, I did not try it to see. I just took her word for it and besides it looked too good to eat. Why ruin the picture right? :)


Food: 5 Courses that wowed are taste buds every step of the way

Course 1

  • Sir Le Dutchess
  • Jumbo lump crab over a light and airy dutchess potato drizzled with a smoked tarragon champagne butter sauce.


Course 2

  • Drunken Quail Ramen
  • Asian Spiced Rice noodles with a beer spiked sweet & spicy bouillabaisse topped with smoked Quail wings, Bok Choy, and Asian style vegetables.


Course 3

  • Palate Cleanser
  • Smoked Chocolate dipped lemon sorbet.


Course 4

  • Ying & Yang vs Surf & Turf
  • Duck fat crusted Black grouper over creamy masa porridge and Asian glazed smoked carrots vs Lamb Fritz smothered in smoked lobster corn bisque.

The-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllThe-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllThe-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllThe-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllThe-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllArt: Edible and Otherwise some of which from Chef Ta-Ta (like below)

The-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllThe-Dopest-Chef-TaTa's-Dope-By-Design-Event-Wows-AllFashion: Chef by day, Designer by Night

Ending the night, there was a fashion show featuring some of the Chef’s designs. See video footage below:


This last number was my favorite, hence me taking a picture of the entire back. This is one that I have to have in my collection. I am not even a Chef, but this will surely make me feel like on.

To learn more about Chef Ta-Ta check her out at

5 Must Have Travel Pieces for Women from Rosarini Fashion


I have received these pieces from Rosarini Fashion for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. #ad


Depending on when you are reading this post, it is either St. Patrick’s Day or the day after and I feel lucky to have been chosen to work with Rosarini. I am one for deals and this brand is good for all women and is reasonably priced. The clothes are fashionable, comfortable and great for any occasion you may have in your life. What was one of the most appealing aspects is that you do not have to iron the pieces. Lord knows I hate to iron and the brand knows the challenges of having to have to do that especially after a long trip and that is why I chose these as the 5 Must Have Travel Pieces for Women.

Rosarini’s clothing is machine washable, does not stretch, not shrink and can I say again, no IRONING!!!!:)

I enjoyed each piece and honestly do not know which one is my favorite, but I am leaning towards the High Low Top that doubles as a dress. It is so fun to wear. You can add jewelry, scarfs, etc to dress it up or add gym shoes and jean jacket to dress it down.

I paired my High low Top with Classic Leggings in Taupe and Leopard Booties.


The second time, I paired the High Low Top with a Multi-Way Convertible Travel Wrap for a night out on the town.


My second favorite piece was the Red Moon Dress..


One of my other favorite pieces was the Aztec Poncho which is so perfect if you are on a cold plane and need to put on something that is warm and yes, fashionable….


See now why I had to share 5 Must Have Travel Pieces for Women from Rosarini Fashion? They come in plus sizes and so great for the minimalist.

Have you heard of Rosarini, Simple yet Stylish Perfect For Any Occasion Fashion? If so, what is your favorite piece, but if not, which piece would you like to try?  Oops, I forgot use code: PROMO30 for 30% off most items.

Freaky Friday The Musical: Horizon Theatre

I am sharing this with you all in exchange for tickets to see the performance.

Horizon Theatre is about to do it again. This time with a musical based upon novel by Mary Rodgers and popular Disney Movies. Safe for ages 10 and up. Horizon is starting this year off wonderfully and if you have not purchased season tickets, shame on you. What are you waiting for!!!

Freaky-Friday-BannerWhen an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again before mom’s big wedding. Freaky Friday, a new musical based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and the two hit Disney movies, is a hilarious and heartfelt update of an American classic in which a mother and daughter really see what it takes to be a family when they experience each other’s lives first-hand for just one freaky Friday.

Promises to keep you laughing and probably singing along. For more information on how to get tickets see below⇓


Box office 404.584.7450 or visit

Ticketing Information

Performances are March 9 – April 22, 2018

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8 PM
Saturday, 3 PM & 8:30 PM (No matinee first week)
Sunday, 5 PM

Have you read the Freaky Friday book or seen any of the movies?


Rent 20th Anniversary Tour – Atlanta

February 23, 2018 / Entertainment and Travel, Main Menu

I have received tickets to see RENT 20th Anniversary Tour for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


Photo Credit: RENT 20th Anniversary Tour, Credit Carol Rosegg, 2017.


To end out the month of Love out right, the RENT 20th Anniversary Tour – Atlanta, stopped by to amaze and dazzle us all.

Over 10 years I have heard how great this rock musical was and I was elated when I was granted access. My first Fox Theatre production for 2018 is this amazing performance. No one did it justice and I do not think I would be able to. Emotional, hilarious, jaw dropping and everything in between. Every emotion was expressed if you watched and listened. I did not expect half of what I saw.

Lots of people came out the 1st night, but do not worry you have until the end of the month to see how great this production is yourself. Let me share with you part of the press release provided to me from Brave PR.

In 1996, an original rock musical by a little-known composer opened on Broadway and forever changed the landscape of American theatre. Two decades later, Jonathan Larson’s RENT continues to speak loudly and defiantly to audiences across generations and all over the world. And now, this Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award® winning masterpiece returns to the stage in a vibrant 20th anniversary touring production. It follows the lives of seven artists struggling to follow their dreams without selling out. With its inspiring message of joy and hope in the face of fear, this timeless celebration of friendship and creativity reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters-love.

Running from February 20th to 28th and you can get tickets here ⇒ Tickets and get them before they sell out because it will.

Have you seen RENT before? What was your favorite aspect of the performance? 


The Ballad of Klook and Vinette



Be warned!!! If you are not in love when you come see this play, you will be when you leave.


This is such the love story that it put everything and I mean everything I have seen to shame. With the exception of some of the Words in the Song of Solomon, I have not heard anything so deep. I was in awe and that does not happen easily for me. I am a hard person to impress, but I was blown away with the words and depth of heart that the characters had for each other. From their first conversation involving carrot juice to Klook saying, “We are seventeen feet tall.” Who says that?!!! That is just one line that just left me asking myself, “Do I love my husband enough and do I have anything left to give?”

What did I learn? I learned that I do not have a way with words, but I am thankful for a world that includes people that do:)

(Excerpt from press release, Horizon Theatre) Klook is a drifter who’s tired of drifting. Vinette is on the run but she doesn’t know what’s chasing her. Together, they make a tentative stab at love and reach for hope until the past catches up to the future and smacks it in the face. Tough, tender, funny, poignant, The Ballad of Klook and Vinette will grab you from the inside out. Horizon kicks off its 2018 season with this love story set against poetry and jazz in its highly anticipated American premiere. Soulful music combined with a witty, moving story makes this a mesmerizing theater experience.

A sweet deal is going on until Friday February 16th, 2018, but to get this deal you have to call the box office 404.584.7450.

What you get: 

Two tickets, reserved seating, two drink vouchers, and a special treat!
$70/couple on weekdays
$80/couple on weekends

Have you had someone melt you with just the words they speak? Tell me about it in the comments. 

Valentine’s Day Dress Under $30


Hey ladies and gents. Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, so you still have time to get your outfit together. Looking hot is important, but on those days you have to spark up and somewhat step your game up. For many it is a first time date and for others it is another day to share with the one you love another day. I always want something new, but to find out that I can get some beautiful dresses for under $30 shocked me. Some of these dresses are already in my shopping cart ready for me to purchase and if you decide that you want to purchase, feel free to click on the titles and/or pictures for more details and how to purchase.


Valentine’s Day Dress Under $30

  1. SHEIN Split Form Fitting Dress


2. SHEIN Scallop Detail Bell Sleeve Dress



3. SHEIN Scallop Edge Box Pleated Dress


  1. SHEIN Flounce Embellished Tied Neck Dress


5. Rose Print Surplice Wrap Pleated Dress


6. SHEIN Triangle Lace Top Pleated Waist Slip Dress


I like all of the dresses for various reasons, but I believe the waist slip dress would be my favorite for that day but the rest I just want to have because they are so darn cute.

Which dress would you pick for your Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day plans?

Big Green Egg Tailgating Fun


I was given the opportunity to attend Tailgating on the EGG class at Big Green Egg Culinary Center, in partnership with CulinaryLocal and had an awesome time and left so full. Chef Amanda and Taylor greeted me with a smile and welcomed me to the class.

When you think of entertaining and cooking what do you usually think of? Ovens, stove top cooking and bbq grills, but it is time to expand your way of thinking when it comes to entertaining and cooking. I had a chance to learn it first hand by attending my first Big Green Egg class in Atlanta.

Prior to attending the class, I had no experience using or seeing a big green egg in person, by a friend of mine baked a pizza on it and I was suspicious until attending this class.




Bake, fry, grill and more on these cool devices, but I am not here to talk about that but about the amazing classes they have at the Big Green Egg Culinary Center. After getting lost trying to find the place I welcomed the beer, wine and other drink selections we were provided with.

Beware, after seeing the pictures below you will want to purchase one for yourself, and start making all of the delicious treats we were able to have during this class and everyone took food home with them.


Each of us had to share what experience if any at all we had with using a Big Green Egg. Me being a novice, I felt a little off, but I was relieved to find that the instructors Amanda and Taylor and the other assistants were very helpful and put me at ease.

There is a right way and a wrong way to open the grill. Who knew? Well the people who have purchased one of the eggs certainly know, but I was so glad that they shared tips throughout the class.

The class was hands on, so everyone had a chance to taste, mix and try the food as we went and that is like the best part to being in the kitchen right?



Chef Taylor shared about experience being a griller and big green egg user since the age of 10, she had a wealth of knowledge just in case you want to take part in a championship grilling competition. The ribs should bend but the bones should not come out of the meat (see pic below), if the bones come out then you instantly lost the competition. I will not find myself in a pro competition, but hey you never know I may change my mind and this knowledge may come in handy.





Upcoming class, Big Green Egg Basics, is perfect for people like me with little to no experience on the Big Green Egg and others to come. For more information, check out all of the classes on

What is the best dish you have created on the Big Green Egg and if you haven’t what is the dish you are most looking forward to trying one day on the Big Green Egg?



The Ballad of Klook and Vinette – Horizon Theatre


2017 Horizon Theatre had a great year of plays and 2018 will be no different. I laughed, cried and was in some intense thought leaving many of the plays. Great writers, production, set design and everything in between. See below how to get your season tickets.


Coming this week to the Horizon Theatre, Klook is a drifter who’s tired of drifting. Vinette is on the run but she doesn’t know what’s chasing her. Together, they make a tentative stab at love and reach for hope until the past catches up to the future and smacks it in the face. Tough, tender, funny, poignant, The Ballad of Klook and Vinette will grab you from the inside out. Horizon kicks off its 2018 season with this love story set against poetry and jazz in its highly anticipated American premiere. Soulful music combined with a witty, moving story makes this a mesmerizing theater experience.

Why is Horizon Theatre excited? It’s sexy, dramatic, funny, poetic, and relevant. A great time to tell this story and it’s beautifully written! The Ballad of Klook and Vinette is underscored with keyboard and double bass, as it flows in and out of song throughout. The writer, Ché Walker, is here to direct. Ché is a successful actor and writer from London, and the composer, Anoushka Lucas, will be joining us from overseas in early January.  Our play stars Brittany Inge, who performed in Blackberry Daze at Horizon last season and was recently listed as one of ACJ’s 8 up-and-coming Atlanta actors to watch; and Amari Cheatom, who joins us from LA and is most popularly known for his role in the film Django Unchained.


Ticketing Information

Box office 404.584.7450 or visit

Performances are January 19 – February 18, 2018

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8 PM

Saturday, 3 PM & 8:30 PM (No matinee first week)

Sunday, 5 PM (2 PM Super Bowl Sunday)

Where to Watch the Playoff Games in Atlanta



Excerpt from Press Release #carenwestpr

In honor of the first round of NFL playoffs on Saturday, January 6th and the SEC National Championship on Monday, January 8th, it’s time to throw on your jersey and hustle to Dantanna’s to cheer on your favorite teams. Known for combining culinary excellence with the entertainment value of sports, Dantanna’s exudes the sophistication of a five-star restaurant and the entertainment of having a private box at your favorite game. With flat screen TVs throughout the restaurant and bar, no matter which team you’re cheering for, sports fans can take advantage of $15 Buckets of Miller Lite every Saturday and Monday; and $3 Jager Shots – Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Additionally, in celebration of the National Championship game, Dantanna’s has made Mondays even better with Martini Mondays, featuring $3 Three Olives vodka martinis.



Dantanna’s has three convenient Atlanta locations, that will be open beginning at 11 a.m. on Saturday January 6, and on Monday, January 8, 2018. Dantanna’s Buckhead is located at the Shops Around Lenox, 3400 Around Lenox Rd NE #304, Atlanta, GA 30326. Dantanna’s Downtown is located at 1 CNN Center #269, Atlanta, GA 30303, and Dantanna’s Sandy Springs is located at Abernathy Square, 6649 Roswell Road Unit 30, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. For more information visit or call 404.705.8873. Stay connected on Twitter and Instagram at @dantannas.

Come taste and see and take part in all of the excitement #Buckhead has to offer.

The Santaland Diaries – Horizon Theatre


I received complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #ad 


The Santaland Diaries – Horizon Theatre

We can all use a laugh or two around this time of the year with all of the pressure and stress the holidays bring. I was so happy when I was given the chance to see the longest running play that they have, The Santaland Diaries now showing at the Horizon Theatre in Little Five Points in Atlanta.  For 19 years this play has ran at the theatre and this year they have Topher Payne, playwright and screenwriter, to play Crumpet.

Another hit with audiences, The Santaland Diaries takes place during Christmas time in Macy’s department store and it is the story of a man’s take on being an elf in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York City. He tells the story from start to finish of how he became an elf and his experiences and they are hilarious. Just imagine, everything you are thinking in your head you speak and is acted out freely. This play has so much humor, that even as the actors are acting they had to compose themselves so that they did not laugh with us. Awesome group of actors and I stress that Horizon Theatre never ever disappoints!!! Great theatre experience all around.


About the Play

Welcome to this wicked wonderland and exposé of all things elfin. Out of work and middle-aged, a writer in need of holiday cash decides to employ his gift for insightful observation in the trade of elfdom at Macy’s Department Store. Besieged by bratty kids with overzealous parents and donning a humiliating costume, he finds that his cynical self and his elfin alter ego, “Crumpet,” are not exactly compatible. His remedy for the saccharine overdose he endures in his never-endingly exuberant job is to tell all – giving us a backstage pass to the secret lives of Santas and elves. Though definitely not your traditional stocking stuffer, this caustic Christmas carol is a laughter-spiked antidote to the holiday blues.

Sardonic, satirical and sarcastic, the merry misanthrope recounts the tale of his stint as a Macy’s Department Store elf named Crumpet. Adapted from David Sedaris’ best-selling book Holidays on Ice, this holiday tale is a modern classic, made famous when it aired on National Public Radio. (from Horizon Theatre)


Tickets start at $25*

Upgrade to VIP for $15. VIP tickets include reserved seating and a complimentary holiday beverage. Platinum VIP tickets are available for $100 and include front-row cocktail table seating, complimentary holiday beverages and scrumptuous treats. Special discounts for groups of 10+. Call 404.523.1477 x111 for more information.

Have you ever seen The Santaland Diaries? What did you think?