Natural Girls’ Secret Weapon – Divatress


Natural Girls’ Secret Weapon – Divatress

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

Awesome-style-divatressSecrets are something everyone tends to have and it is no different for me. Being a 4b naturalista for over 4 years, I have found that I had to come up with some secret weapons that help me maintain my healthy hair and I am going to share them with you.

1st Secret Weapon Tip: Regularly dust or trim the split ends

2nd Secret Weapon Tip: Keep it simple sweetie, which is using the liquid, oil and cream method that so many of us have heard about. Remember as well a lot of manipulation is not necessary.

3rd Secret Weapon Tip: Protect your ends, use protective hair styles, i.e. two strand twists or cornrolls as an example and use a wig to help bring another dynamic to your hair. Face it there are some times I do not want to wear my twists out and I use them as a means to an end. So wearing a wig can help when you have a party to go to in a hurry, or a job interview and you want to shock and awe some people as well as look hot and professional.

The beautiful wigs that I have selected below will look good on any woman. I selected these as my top 3 favorites, due to the style and different colors they come in which makes it next to impossible to just purchase just one. The ones that I have featured are all under 30.00 dollars.






Have you ever worn a wig, if so how many do you have in your arsenal? Please share some of your secret weapons. 

Spony is the Perfect Baseball Cap for My Ponytails

I have received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Exercise!!! Who needs some stinking exercise? Well we all need exercise, so there is no sense of running from it. The picture below is after I tackled Kennesaw Mountain and arrived back home safe and sound. Trust me, I was not smiling much while I was tackling the mountain and I may call you a bit strange if you do:)

Spony is-the-Perfect-Baseball-Cap-for-My-Ponytails

As I mentioned above, I have received this special cap and I do mean special because it was able to successfully do something no other cap/hat has been able to do and that is be worn with my hair in it’s natural state. I have 4b naturally curly hair that just will not fit in a cap/hat no way no how until now.


Spony is the Perfect Baseball Cap for My Ponytails

About Spony

Bad hairday? Throw a Spony on it! With the patent-pending Convertible Women’s Ballcap, you can wear it closed like a regular ballcap or open up the back to flaunt that updo. See how it works here: Spony In Action

Elevate your spring and summer style with a cap designed for comfort and convenience! Whatever the weather, the Spony Ballcap has got your back. If it gets warm, open up the back of the cap for ventilation or if there’s a chance of showers, close up the back for protection.

Inspired by an episode of Oprah, Spony was born from a dream to reinvent everyone’s favorite cap. After several variations, the original Spony was created. While first brought to the market internationally, Spony’s determination to be “Made in the USA” finally paid off in January of this year when they received their first American made product. Designed with the modern woman in mind, the comfort of the Spony makes it easy to convert your cap for any occasion!



Look at all that hair and it is holding. My hair did not stretch the cap at all or damage it or anything. All of my hair fit perfectly in the cap and it was comfortable. You do have to watch the velcro but that is not unique in hats that have velcro.

Strongly, I would say that Spony is the Perfect Baseball Cap for My Ponytails and it will be for yours too.

Dove Dermacare Scalp: Wear Black Again Giveaway


Dove Dermacare Scalp: Wear Black Again Giveaway


One of the most embarrassing times in my life has been when I thought that I was looking cute and I was, but my little black dress only to find that there were all kinds of white flakes on my shoulder and not it was not a spotted dress. It was from that horrible thing called dandruff. Many dates and outings have been almost ruined thanks to my scalp having dandruff in it and it appearing at the most inopportune time on my clothes. Little flakes on my clothes makes me feel self-conscious and then I have to do a cover up of the outfit or try to be in dark light wear the flakes are not easily seen.

In the pursuit of ridding myself of flakes, some products are just so harsh that they strip my scalp of it’s natural nutrients and causes other issues. I was given a sample of Dove Dermacare Scalp products to review and give my honest opinion as well as another set for a giveaway.



The line consists of:

Dove Dermacare Scalp Shampoo Invigorating Mint

Dove Dermacare Scalp 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Invigorating Mint

Dove Dermacare Scalp Shampoo Pure Daily Care

Dove Dermacare Scalp 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Pure Daily Care

Dove Dermacare Scalp Dryness and Itch Relief Shampoo

Dove Dermacare Scalp Dryness and Itch Relief Conditioner

The active ingredient, pyrithione zinc, effectively tackles dandruff in a formula that renews scalp and hair’s natural moisture. Its mild, pH balanced formula gently cares for hair.


After shampooing, I followed up with, Dove Dermacare Scalp 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Invigorating Mint, (which has a luxurious creamy consistency) and surprising to me I had slip in my hair, which made it easier for me when it came time to comb. It did not dry out my hair which has been the problem that I have had with other products. Dove-Dermacare-Invigorating-Mint

A happy camper I was after getting through my hair wash routine a little easier thanks to Dove Dermacare Scalp Line, which can be obtained a most food, retail and drug stores. If you would like a chance to win the line mentioned above with all 6 products please enter below:

Dove Dermacare Scalp: Wear Black Again Giveaway

Wear Black Again (Dove Dermacare Products)


As you see, I have decided to put wear black again and I am so happy to report that I had no flakes and this product line does say that with regular use, there will be no flakes so that part is absolutely true!

Have you tried this line to treat your dry and flaky scalp?

Soft and Shiny 4b Hair with Lottabody Coconut and Shea Oil Line


Check out the start to finish with pictures.

Soft and Shiny 4b Hair with Lottabody Coconut and Shea Oil Line


Products used: Cleanse Me (Co-wash), Love Me (5-in-1) and Moisturize Me (Curl and Style Milk).


After applying the Lottabody Coconut and Shine Oils Cleanse Me (Co-Wash) product, directions say to leave it in for about 3-5 minutes well I did not stick to that exactly (#cowashandchill). My hair needed extra love so I kept it in for about 20 minutes.


After rinsing, I used the 5-in-1 styling cream and applied to all sections, that I had twisted previously after detangling and applying the co-wash. I followed up with the Moisturize Me Curl and Style Milk and retwisted in medium twists (approximately 15) and let it air dry and I kept it twisted for 2 days and separated them 3-4 times and viola. My 4b hair is happy and so is my hair after not showing any love to it for 3 weeks. I promise hair, I will not do it again:)


One of the best twistouts ever!!! Much definition and shine. I absolutely love the results and will give the Lottabody Coconut and Shea Oil Line 10/10. A few days later and no retwisting, my hair is still soft and moisturized. This is truly a keeper and you should try it to especially if you have trouble with maintaining moisture in your natural hair. Soft and Shiny 4b Hair with Lottabody Coconut and Shea Oil Line was easily achieved.

Have you ever tried Lottabody Products? What has been your experience?


Color Treated and Dry Hair Remedy with EO Products


EO Botanical ProductsDry-Hair-Remedy-EO-Products

Today on Try Something New Tuesday (#tsnt), I am focusing on hair products since it is that time again, Hair Wash Day. It is not that I dread it, but sometimes I have to mentally get ready to do my hair. I do not know if you can relate, but I have to make sure to carve out time in the day and it is about 3 hours or more depending on the treatment that I am giving my hair. This time this product promises to nourish, restore and protect which are all things that my 4b hair needs. I have not done a deep conditioner in a while and it looks like I do not have to do that with these products that I am about to use.

Color Treated and Dry Hair Remedy with EO Products

With no further delay, let me talk about the EO  brand. I have seen them in my local whole foods and I was curious about them, so my wish came true and I was graced with some products to try. The two that I used were, Rose Chamomile Protective Natural Shampoo and Rose Chamomile Protective Natural Conditioner.



Check out my Youtube video showing the application of the conditioner:

These products are a keeper. I was very impressed. My 4b hair responded well to the products and it actually help make my hair shine after rinsing out the conditioner. No tangles which was tops for me. There are a few products that after I rinse out the conditioner that do not tangle my hair, but leave it better than it was before and EO products are on the top of the list.

These products are worth the money, both the Rose and Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioners are less than $12.00 each for a 8.4oz bottle.

Get EO (Essential Oils) Rose and Chamomile Shampoo here: Rose and Chamomile Shampoo and the Conditioner here: Rose and Chamomile Conditioner

For other great products from EO, please visit them ⇒ EO Botanical Products

I received these products for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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da Kink in My Hair at Horizon Theatre Atlanta


What a title?!! ‘da Kink in My Hair and Lord knows I have a lot of kinks in my 4b hair, but you know God gave it to me and I chose to love it anyway. Now where do most people, women and men, share their most juiciest of the juiciest? If you said the hair salon or the barber shop you are absolutely correct. This new play that has won 4 NAACP Awards is headed to the great, Horizon Theatre and yes again, I am looking forward to this one. It is bound to make you laugh and cry like one tends to do in the hair salon anyway:)

Here is a glimpse of what the play is about:

Novelette is more than just their stylist, she is their friend, their confessor and their absolver.  As tales of survival come bubbling forth, Novelette listens and heals hurt with love and support.   Successful career woman Sherrelle is the rock for family, friends and her employer to lean on, but what about her own needs?   Patsy lost her teenager to gun violence, but is now pregnant again and looking for a second chance.  Beautiful TV star Sharmaine visiting home is the envy of the salon, but her adoring mother and friends can’t accept her love for another woman.   White, working class Suzy seeks reconciliation with her family and acceptance of her bi-racial child.   Dark-skinned Nia finds herself struggling to come to terms with the passing of her mother who always favored her light-skinned sister.   Young Stacey-Anne, newly arrived from Jamaica, is excited to have her own room and nice things, but misses her grandmother back home and has a dark secret to share.   And Miss Enid is the widowed grandmother who gets her groove back, giving a little sweet potato pie to her neighbor and getting some good lovin’ in return.

‘da Kink in My Hair runs July 15th through August 28th.  Performances are Wed, Thurs and Fri at 8 PM, Saturday at 3 PM and 8:30 PM and Sunday at 5 PM at the Horizon Theatre in Little Five Points/Inman Park. (1083 Austin Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, corner of Euclid and Austin Avenues).  There is no Sat matinee July 16th.

Tickets start as low as $25 (plus 8% sales tax) and are on sale now.  Prices change based on availability and demand, so buy early for the best prices!    Tickets and information are available at or 404-584-7450 or

Will you be joining me for this fun play at the Horizon Theatre in Atlanta?

Savannah Bee Hair Wash Day



Honey, one great ingredient included in a lot of things and this time I get to experience it in hair products. I have been gifted with Shampoo and Conditioner from Savannah Bee Company to test out and do a honest and unbiased review of their products. Washing and conditioning my hair is a weekly occurrence and this time I was happy to be able to use products with great natural ingredients, such as in the Shampoo: aloe vera leaf juice, coconut, sugar beets, conditioning agent from seaweed, lemongrass oil, French lavender oil, etc and in the Conditioner: aloe vera leaf juice, orange peel wax, cotton seed oil, spearmint leaf oil, some great vitamins, etc.

Savannah Bee Hair Wash Day


The shampoo reminded me of honey and it was just a little bit thinner than the honey that I usually have come across. It smelled great and actually the lemongrass in it perked me up some.



The conditioner smelled of mint, but I was not sure which one until I read the ingredient list and it was spearmint. This is the first time that I have come across spearmint in a hair product.  From the website: The layered essential oil of lemongrass spearmint combination provides rich aromatherapy benefit such as lifting the mood, mental clarity and centering.

Application of Honey and Propolis Conditioner

The conditioner left my hair soft and manageable. I have pretty thick hair, so for a product to do that it must be special.

Honorable Mention: I had received these in addition to the shampoo and condition and feel in love. I love body butters anyway, but when I tried these my hands and feet were thanking me. It felt good going on, absorbed quickly and made my skin incredibly soft.


Thank you for reading and for more information and to place orders, please click Here.I have received these items free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the products.

Have you tried Savannah Bee Company products? If you have what have you tried and if you haven’t what are you interested in trying.

Looks like right now if you sign up to receive their emails you will receive 10% off of your next purchase.


Natural Roots Smooth Creme Rinse and Tangle Mangler Detangler Review


It’s time to wash that dirt right outta my hair… Yes, it was again my hair wash time which I so look forward to hence the 2 weeks I almost let pass without washing:)

It can be hours out of my day and for those of you that have the same challenge can totally relate. So to help myself out, I have to have some time saving products or methods and this time I just could not think of any methods, but a time saving product I did manage to try was Tangle Mangler Detangler by Natural Roots NYC. If I am not mistaken and to be quite honest I could be mistaken because at this point it was a Saturday and before 10:00 am that I was doing my hair (which never happens), but I believe I saw them at the World Natural Hair Show.

About Natural Roots NYC:


All things that are important when creating quality products for all types of consumers.

Natural Roots Smooth Creme Rinse and Tangle Mangler Detangler Review

The Tangle Mangler Detangler has as some of it’s ingredients: water, hydrolyzed proteins, castor oil and essential oils.

The Smooth Creme Rinse has as some of it’s ingredients: water, castor oil, hydrolyzed proteins and essential oils.

Verdict: The Tangle Mangler Detangler worked very well. It has a light scent that is not overpowering and it made combing through my hair much faster. The Smooth Creme Rinse can be used as a refreshing agent or pre poo conditioner, but I used it was a conditioner and left it in my hair for 15 minutes. After rinsing it my hair was softer and I will say it was because of the aloe vera juice that is in the product.

See Natural Roots Smooth Creme Rinse and Tangle Mangler Detangler Review here:



Have you tried Natural Roots NYC products? Let me know your results.

I received these products in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

19th Annual World Natural Hair Show Recap


The 19th annual World Natural Hair Show was one of the hottest events in the Metro Atlanta Area last month. Fashion, entertainment, kidzone, informational sessions and hair products all around, who can resist. There were many new features that they implemented like the Men’s Den.



19th Annual World Natural Hair Show Recap

The danger and allure of attending this event is the big time discounts you can receive by attending. The price to attend was very inexpensive and parking was less than $10.00 and I was so excited to attend as media that I paid for someone else’s parking:)

The show opens with AnkaFo Drum Dance busting through the doors of the exhibit hall commanding everyone’s attention and it is on from there.


Over 200 exhibitors in the house with all of their products just waiting to offered at discounted prices. Did I take advantage of it you ask? Yes, I most certainly did. I did not spend a whole lot, but it was more than $50.00 worth and apparently a lot of people prepared themselves, see below:






Over 200 exhibitors, 40 free workshops (including health and beauty), all new pamper zone, new men’s den as well as other new features.

This year I did not have a lot of time to attend the workshops, but if they were anything like Last Year’s Show then the consumers that attended learned a lot. If you attended any of the workshops, please comment below with what you learned.

Here is a snippet of all of the video footage in one Youtube video:

To see if the World Natural Hair Show will be coming to a city near you ⇒ World Natural Hair Expo

Have you been to the World Natural Hair Show? If so, what did you buy?

Thanks for reading and God Bless!!

Bantu Knot and Knot Out Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WholeBlends #CollectiveBias

Can you say 70 plus degrees three days in a row!!! Where I am from we do not see that type of weather until June, but here in the Dirty South we get it anytime it wants to show up and this year it started in April. Time for fun in the sun, cute dresses and hot new hairstyles.

During the winter months, my hair suffers a lot of breakage that is caused for the most part because in the winters there is not much moisture in the air and who wants to walk around with damaged hair. I have got to get my hair summer ready, and part of that is to make sure that I show love to my hair now before the summer hits.

I am going to show you how I was able to add some moisture to my hair and repair the damage that was caused in the winter months and 2 cute hairstyles, bantu knot and bantu knot out that you can wear during the summer if you are bold enough:)


I have tried numerous hair lines that say that they repair damage and add moisture, but after using them, literally the next hour or so my hair feels the same as before. There was no noticeable difference until I decided to try Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care which has carefully selected ingredients made to nourish deeply, hydrate and repair. I can already feel the love:)

They have six different variety of treatments, so whatever you hair care needs they will have a treatment to help:

  • Repairing – Honey Treasures
  • Hydrating – Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk
  • Smoothing – Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter
  • Refreshing – Green Apple and Green Tea
  • Nourishing – Avocado Oil and Shea Butter
  • Color Care – Argan Oil and Cranberry Extracts

Since my hair needed some repair from winter damage, guess which one I decided to use? Yep, I decided to try the Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care Honey Treasures. Why, you ask? This blend has honey, which is a natural humectant which pulls water/moisture from the air and pulls it towards your hair, and in addition, honey helps strengthen the hair.


The first thing I noticed during shampooing was that there was not an overpowering scent, so no problems with allergies. The formula is creamy and thick and you do not need to use a lot during application. Almost immediately, all the gook and dirt that was in my hair from the prior week was gone. The lather was instantaneous. I thought that I would have to use a lot of the shampoo because of  the thickness of my hair, but I was pleasantly surprised and in turn these products will last a long time.


The Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care Conditioner, oh my, I knew my hair was in for some special treatment when after I applied the product to my hair, my hair felt soft and it was manageable. I stress manageable because with my hair texture being extremely coily, it is sometimes a challenge to comb through it without damaging the hair, but the conditioner made my hair easy to comb through which makes the Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care Honey Treasures line a keeper.

My last step was to treat my hair with the Whole Blends Repairing Hair Care Honey Treasures Mask and as you see I decided to add some extra love to my hair by putting a plastic bag on my head giving honey, royal jelly, propolis and other ingredients a chance to penetrate my hair shaft deeper.


Now it is time, if you dare to join me in my Bantu Knot and Knot Out Tutorial, but remember for naturally beautiful hair (and who does not want that), discover the wholesome goodness of New Whole Blends shampoos and conditioners by Garnier.

Bantu Knot and Knot Out Tutorial

The Bantu Knot is one style that is great for the summer because all of your hair is in cute little knots and your hair is off of your neck and I do not know about you, but my hair is so thick that the wind blowing through my hair just does not exist until my hair is in this cute style. Every hair texture and type can where this style, so don’t be afraid to try it.


You will need:

Bobby Pins



  1. Use the comb to separate the hair on each side and form 3 small braids on the sides of your head
  2. After braiding, take the 3 small braids on one side and twist them all in one direction at the same time forming a natural bend that will turn into a knot once you keep going around the bend. If necessary, take a bobby pin and use it to hold the end of your hair down.
  3. Now lets work on the bantu knots for the rest of your hair. I personally 2 strand twist my hair first (which is like braiding, but with 2 strands of hair and not 3) and then twist the twist around until it curls into itself.
  4. Once you have completed the bantu knots, at this point you can where the knots by themselves or add a headband which is what I did for the 1st style. Bantu-knots
  5. 2nd Style, Bantu Knot Out: We don’t want frizz, so the key is to put some oil on your hands enough to use to take a loose the bantu knots before you touch your hair. You can put the oil in your hands and do a once over on your hair to help make sure you touch every part of your head with oil. No more than 1/4 teaspoons worth of oil (eyeball it).
  6. Untwist: You take the bobby pin out of your 1st knot and proceed to go backwards. You twisted your hair in one direction, so you will now go the opposite way and your hair will come apart with no major effort at all.
  7. Fluff: This is where you can go wild and take apart and separate the sections even more until you reach your desired look. Make sure when separating that you cover all of your parts, because you do not want them to show. You can use a pick or comb to take to the root to help fluff and add height to your hair.
  8. Viola!!!


Here is a short video with close up as to how I achieved these styles:

I hope that you found it to be an easy tutorial and that you will find yourself doing it quite often in these summer months.



Finding the amazing Garnier Whole Blends Hair Care line is easy. You can find them in your local Walmart in the Health & Beauty section or online here.

Now that you have been introduced to the Garnier Whole Blend line, which one do you want to try? Are you going to be daring enough to try these hairstyles? Please leave your comments below.