Sustainable Engagement Rings for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2018 / Fashionista, Main Menu / 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day for years has been one of the most romantic days celebrated all around the world. Valentine’s Day is not the day that hubby proposed to me, but my day was just as romantic. I may tell you all one day of the day that I almost ran out on my own engagement. It was truly funny now looking back on it, but at the time I am sure that I had him sweating:)

Here is hoping that yours if filled with nothing but diamonds and more diamonds if that is what you like. Hubby, with his sweet self, just upgraded my ring and I was surprised but am very happy.

Speaking of diamonds, Helzberg Diamonds has some new luxurious selections if you want to possibly propose on Valentine’s Day or select the perfect ring for your upcoming proposal. Don’t worry, I will not tell.

Lab-created diamonds are a popular trend with consumers who desire brighter and larger diamonds that are sustainably developed. ALTR Created Diamonds offer an unmatched selection of engagement rings and jewelry that pay homage to the new cultural truths that guide modern relationships.

Below, I have selected some of my favorites from ALTR’s sophisticated ring collection available at select Helzberg Diamonds retailers nationwide.



I will go for the princess cut, which ring is your favorite from Helzberg


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