Top 5 Restaurants in Atlanta 2017

December 31, 2017 / Foodie, Main Menu

Dining-out-passbook-atl-top-restaurantThis post may contain affiliate links.

2017 is almost officially over, but before it leaves I had to take the time to do a mini flashback of some of the restaurants in Atlanta that I thought were some great places for all those that live and/or visit Atlanta have to visit. Being a foodie, I have found that there are plenty of places to eat that range from casual to fine dining and everything in between.

Atlanta is certainly the place to be for food, fashion and fun and trust you will not be disappointed. I was able to eat at the restaurants I am about to mention at a discount. What discount you say? Well, I used my handy dandy Dining Out Atlanta Passbook and in this book you will find bogo deals left and right. Once having a taste of using this book,  I do not travel Atlanta without it and without further ado here is:

Top 5 Restaurants in Atlanta 2017



Two Urban Licks




Richards’ Southern Fried


McCray’s Tavern


The Dining Out Atlanta Passbook, is only $39 dollars and it is a steal when you think about all of the bogo deals you find in the book for great restaurants in the Metro Atlanta Area. The book retails for $99, but with my code, G4BM18, the price is reduced to only $39 and within the book there are over 70 Atlanta Area restaurants. Sounds like there is a new restaurant that you can try each week if you want to and in 2018 I will be visiting more restaurants and hey, I might see you at one.

What restaurant in Metro Atlanta would you like to visit?