Buttermilk Sky Pies Remind Me of Grandma

(As a Dining Out Atlanta Passbook Ambassador, I received free samples in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product. #ad #affiliate)

Buttermilk-sky-piesThis is the season to eat more food including more delicious pies. All kinds of pies, sweet potato (no comment:)), dutch apple, buttermilk, pecan, coconut, etc. There are many great things that I have inherited from my mom, her looks (what can I say:)), her cooking abilities, with the exception of baking, I do not know what happened there, but she got it honestly from her mama. It must have skipped me because baking pies or even other sweets it is just not for me. I can cook all day and I have my specialties, but sweets nope. Not one of them.

Being so far away from my mommy, I do not get to have the tasty sweets that she makes around this time of the year and I miss that. A couple of weeks back, I was part of the fun with some other foodies, to take part in an Ambassador Mixer, at Buttermilk Sky and I was very surprised. I had not heard of it prior to that day and they laid it out for us. Beautiful décor and scrumptious pies, so much so that I said, Buttermilk Sky Pies Remind Me of Grandma and that is saying a whole lot. I mentioned earlier in the post, coconut pies, earlier this week mommy and I were talking about how Grandma used to make them and she passed the recipe to my mommy and when I tasted the Buttermilk Pie, it reminded me of her. Many great memories were had at her house, eating joking and laughing.

With every bite you taste the time and most of all love that is put into each pie. All very different but all very good and everyone is bound to find their favorite. In the Dining Out Atlanta Passbook, currently there is a deal for a buy 1 get 1 free mini pie, which is a great way to sample their pies. The passbook is only $39 dollars and it is a steal when you think about all of the bogo deals you find in the book for great restaurants in the Metro Atlanta Area. The book retails for $99, but with my code, G4BM18, the price is reduced to only $39. They are perfect if you are looking for a gift idea that pays for itself over and over again.






Have you tried Buttermilk Sky Pies? Let me know your experience. You will not be disappointed. Don’t forget about getting the Dining Out Atlanta Passbook and use code, G4BM18 to get your hand on so many bogo free deals including brunch.