Sympli Styled Fashion For All Women


Sympli Styled Fashion For All Women

Fit to flatter.  Fabrics that feel as good as they look. Infinite layering possibilities. Meticulous details. These are just a few of the factors that make Canadian clothing label Sympli a wardrobe game changer.  Every Sympli garment is designed with a singular purpose to be that confidence-boosting piece a woman will reach for, rely upon and make her own, combining it in endless variety with other go-to items. I have received these pieces free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of their products.


“We are women designing for women,” says company founder Jan Stimpson.  “We believe that great fit, ease of movement, quality fabrication and beautiful drape transcend body type, size and age.  Sympli is about freedom of movement and expression, and as a result every woman wears it well.” The idea for the line was born when Stimpson was frustrated in her search for the ideal tee. Realizing there was no single definition of such a garment, she set out to make finding perfection a matter of options, not luck.  Today, the brand encompasses a multitude of evolving styles that together, yield infinite wardrobe possibilities.


The fabric is of premium quality, very soft, and durable. I am so impressed and happy that it is machine washable and wrinkle free. I can attest truly to the wrinkle free because I did have it in the packaging for a while and the iron did not touch it at all. No one could tell that it was not ironed and I was glad. Why you ask? Well, I am like most people. I hate ironing.


This is a perfect brand for every lady no matter the figure type and not every brand can say that. They have so many awesome styles and colors that it is so hard to pick just one outfit. Made to mix and match so feel free to load up. I am so pleased and would wear this brand anywhere at anytime and feel free to dress the pieces up or down. Sympli Styled Fashion For All Women I must say again!! 

Have you tried the Sympli clothing brand? If not, you are missing out and are in for a real treat once you do try the clothes.     




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