Chemical Free Cleaning with e-cloth



e-cloth is declaring 2017 as the year to Ditch the Chemicals! Study after study has proven the harmful effects of household cleaners and the time has come to rid this risk from your life. e-cloth is the worldwide leader in chemical-free cleaning. We’ve developed a cloth that cleans with just water.

I know. Just water? Who would have thunk it? I would not have until I actually put my hands on one of those magical cleaning cloths to use and it is true. All I did was wet the link-free General Purpose Cloth, wring out the water and then commenced to clean. Most of us grew up like I did using some form of cloth, spraying the area that needed to be cleaned with some form of cleaning solution and get to cleaning.

Chemical Free Cleaning with e-cloth

How to use:

Wet thoroughly and wring out all excess water. Fold into a pad and wipe.

Caring for the e-cloth:

A hot water rinse and that is all. Machine wash regularly in hot water and use a small amount of detergent (organic and non-toxic) and rinse well. Hang dry or tumble dry.

My take:

I cleaned the bathtub and it did work with just water. I was surprised due to the area that I was cleaning, however with a little elbow grease I was able to clean the bathtub. It appears that it will take the same amount of time to clean with or/ without a cleaning agent.


Picture of cleaned area and not cleaned area

To purchase your own: E-CLOTH – General Purpose Cloths – 4 Cloths

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So are you going to take part in the #ditchthechemical2017 campaign with e-cloth?