Atlanta is my home now

April 12, 2017 / Foodie, Main Menu, Product Reviews


I am a proud transplant from Michigan, the “D” in particular and very proud of it, but have found a new love, Atlanta. There was a time in which you would be able to listen to me and tell that I was not from Atlanta, but not so much anymore. In fact, people say that also about my hubby which is awesome. Atlanta is a great place and I do not mind being associated with it.

Atlanta is my home now


One of the things that I love from Michigan are the great professional sports teams that they have there and the great inexpensive food choices. I found after moving here that I am not missing out on either one by moving here. There are great professional sports teams in Atlanta, like the Falcons which were in the Superbowl, the Hawks who are currently in the championship and the Braves that will start their season this week in their new stadium.

Speaking of great food choices, Church’s Chicken, has been one of my staples and I was happy as can be when I saw that I can get the same great tasting okra in Atlanta as I did back in Detroit. Almost everytime and I mean everytime I go to Church’s I have to have okra. It is a no brainer.

Being from out of state like I mentioned, it was good to see that this company is involved right in the community in which they have their businesses. Check out below how much Church’s stays true to its roots in Atlanta.

Take advantage of the Church’s meal deals going on now:

Atlanta Meal Deal: 8pc Shrimp and 5 hush Puppy Bites at $3.99
Atlanta Meal Deal: 2pc Fish and 5 hush puppy bites at $3.79



Yes, my meal from Church’s Chicken today included okra (of course), daily 2 piece special and I snuck in some Hush Puppy Bites all of which satisfied me and left me full. I had to sneak in a box of chicken strips too for my dinner which I will be putting on my bed of salad fixings to make my salad a more hardier meal.


Again when you get a chance check out what Church’s Chicken is doing for our community, because #ChurchslovesAtlanta just as much as we love them.